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Daij | 18:27 Fri 18th Jun 2021 | Technology
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I have found an old negative (35mm film) and I can't make out the people who are on there.
Is anyone aware of an application or programme that can make this neg positive?


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Can you take a photo of the negative and edit it with filters?
Scan the negative?
There are a number of apps available for iphone or Android to view and capture images from a negative. You would need to get the correct app for your phone and have a way of backlighting the negative frame. More info required regarding which mobile phone system you are using.
This gives you an idea of what you need. I will show you mine if you will show me yours.
You can't successfully photograph or scan a negative (using a conventional flat-bed scanner, such as those in all-in-one printers) because camera and conventional scanners rely on reflected light. (i.e. light is bounced off the surface of an object and then captured by the camera or scanner). To view or scan a negative you need to use transmitted light, which is passed through the film itself.

Ideally you should take negative to a High Street photo processing firm, such as Snappy Snaps or Max Spielmann, where they'll be able to use a dedicated film scanner (which passes light through negatives, rather than bouncing it off them) to scan the negative and produce a print.

To get a rough idea of what's on the negative though, if you've got a phone or camera that can focus on small objects, you could try placing a light source behind the negative and then taking a photograph of it. (One way to do that might be to tape the negative to a window, taking care to ensure that the tape only comes into contact with the very edges of the negative). You could then transfer the image to your computer and use any image editor that's got an 'invert' function. My own choice would be to use Irfanview:
(The option is available at Image > Negative (invert image) > All Channels)
there are quite a few phone/tablet apps that will do this, you need to look in the app store for whatever Os system you have
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Thanks for your advice - sadly I have no apple equipment, just a bog standard Windows based PC
There are apps for aa Android phone that work just as well. Here is one.
Get a print made from it. Used to be you could do that in any pharmacy. It's probably not so easy now.
put your neg over a light source a (reading lamp etc) on a small plate of glass with a tissue on top to diffuse the light take a snap of the neg copy to comp then open it up with say irfanview and then click on "negative all chanels you will see who's or what is on it, if that's all your wanting to see, of course it will not be good enough for a print.
this does work and free

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