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jennyjoan | 09:44 Tue 20th Apr 2021 | Technology
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I enjoy having 17" monitor (computer). However for a number of months screen constantly turns to pink - I have checked all the cables etc and it still happens.

Can I buy a 17" monitor separately. Thanks


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Yes you can buy a new monitor separately - it is the preferred way for many people. It means if they need a new PC they don't have to have a new monitor if they are happy with the one they have.

Before spending any money have you updated the driver?
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thanks Barry and err - how can I update the driver please
sounds like one of the colours has gone, yes just buy another monitor.
When you say you have checked all the cables .. have you actually removed the cables and re-inserted them, both at the back of the monitor and on the back of your PC. This often cures a pink screen.
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ok - will try all your answers but am heading down to a bit of brekkie.

Barry does it matter that I am not on Windows 10 - I am unsure what windows - but it could be Windows 8. (I Think).

Need food for the grey matter. Let you know what happens.
Ignore my last link, Jenny. You need to tell us exactly what version of Windows you have.
It might sound obvious but, if you do decide to replace your monitor, you can use any size you like ie, you don't have to stick to 17". It gives you a good excuse to get yourself a bigger monitor.
Check the pins on the cable to your monitor. They can be bent or broken off which will cause screen problems.
Hopefully you can straighten them, or just get a new cable.
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I am on Windows 8
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pulled all plugs out and have been on 20 minutes and no pink. hopefully it stays that way - thanks all for your answers
Fingers crossed! In the meantime start saving for a mahoosive monitor , a 40" or even bigger. :D
17in is tiny for a monitor these days. A nice 24 or 27 in one is very reasonably priced. I have a 27in its fantastic.
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thanks for the advice but I have had no "pink" for 2 days now, so I'll stick with this.

I don't use this all the time - like not for business - just for entertainment.

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