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Barsel | 10:27 Thu 07th Dec 2017 | Technology
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For quite a while now I've been having problems with YouTube. The videos keep stopping and starting and so it really spoils my enjoyment of watching anything on it. Any idea why it does this and is there anything I can do about it? Thanks.


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welcome to the club, i can only get the sound not the video, will post you my link see if that helps at all
I had the same problem on my last PC. I use Chrome. I found if I switched to Firefox for videos I got vision as well as sound. No problems using Chrome on my new PC though.
How fast is your Broadband ?? Too slow, and you will not be able to watch You Tube/DVD's properly.
Speed check here...
It sounds like broadband speed to me as well.
Jackdaw, it was the opposite way around for me I stopped using Firefox because it wouldn't play vids and decided to switch the chrome... no problems what-so-ever.
This is called "Buffering" and is due to your connection.

The best way to fix this is to pause the video as it starts to allow it to "Load" up a bit.

You can see this by the grey bar at the bottom, however sometimes it requires you to play it again before it will carry on loading.
Alternatively, you could try Google Chrome, free to install, or get a better provider / ring your provider
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Very helpful advice from you peeps. Emmie, have made a note of some of your replies from Tony and Chris.

rowanwitch it says Download 3.3 Mbps Upload 509.6 Kbps Latency 39ms.
spathiphyllum That's it, buffering, I couldn't think what it was called. I will try pausing it as you suggested and see if that works.

Hope you sort it out! :)
Your speeds are very slow. Hence your problem.

If this has happened in the last few, then perhaps you need to speak to your Internet Service Provider.

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Hans, would I have to pay more for faster speed?
Download 3.3 Mbps Upload 509.6 Kbps !!!!
Barsel, there lies your problem. You will never be able to watch You Tube properly with speeds like that
You don't say what computer you've got or, more importantly, how old it is. When watching videos there is a lot of processing going on so, if you have a slow CPU, that might be the problem. I was having problems on my 8-year old desktop, where my newish laptop was fine. I updated the desktop and now that's fine also.
Start Windows Task Manager and have only your favourite browser showing a YouTube video running. Look at the performance graph on Task Manager. Now pause the video and look again at Task Manager and you will see the usage drop. If the usage is very high when the video is running that could be your problem, not the broadband speed.
i did a system restore, don't know why i did but now have my videos back on track.
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I think the problem might be solved. Just tried playing something using my Chrome browser instead of Opera, and touch wood, it seems ok. Will see how it goes. Thanks for all you help. x
If you could run a speed test

And let us know your;


Speeds, then we can advice further!
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That's good Emmie, I was about to ask you which browser you use, but don't know if that might have helped. x
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spathiphyllum Thanks, but I don't fancy using that as it says they share your information with third parties.It seems fine now using Chrome instead of Opera.
firefox if that matters now...

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