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Barsel | 09:27 Thu 07th Dec 2017 | Technology
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For quite a while now I've been having problems with YouTube. The videos keep stopping and starting and so it really spoils my enjoyment of watching anything on it. Any idea why it does this and is there anything I can do about it? Thanks.


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Crickey Barsel surprised you can upload or download anything.
I am running at 55 MBS Download, 9.9Mbs Upload, and 9.1Ms Latency.
That is with sky box, mobile phone, printer, and music centre hooked up as well. BT infinity.
Reading again your original posting I note that you have had the problem for quite some time.

When you signed-up with your ISP what speed did they say you could expect to receive. ?

Unless you have Fibre Optic Broadband in your area it will Not be possible to pay for a faster service. It will be a matter of badgering your ISP for faster speeds on your present connection, but first off you will need to ensure that all internal cables to your equipment are in good order.

Sorry to ask for more details about your equipment........Is your Router wired to your Computer or are you operating on a wireless link. ? What is your equipment...Desktop, laptop or whatever. ? Are you operating from the main telephone in-point or an extension. ?

The more information you can give the better for trying to establish what might be causing your problem.

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Togo, I would love to have super fast broadband, but I can't afford it.
Hans, thanks for taking such an interest but it really is fine now I'm using my Chrome browser for Youtube.
Thanks again everyone. x
This is because you are watching it faster than it can download from the internet.

Either let it download for a while before you start watching it or get faster broadband (if you can).
I can understand what you say Barsel, but nowadays I with the speed and content of the net I wonder how one could be without decent safe and fast connectivity. We are banking online, water, gas, electricity, BT, Sky, insurance for home, car and pet accounts are all online and we are increasingly doing shopping online, particularly at this time of the year. Hassle free and no traipsing around the stores on a bad weather day. The only time we ever buy stamps now is for Christmas or Birthday cards. Don't think we could be without it now.
@Togo......You have more faith in the safety of the Internet than I have.

No way would I trust Internet Banking. I do buy a lot on the Internet but have a secondary Bank Account which is limited to £1,000. That's as far as I will go with Internet Banking. My Electricity, Water, Council tax, BT Broadband and Telephone are paid as direct debits from my Current Account; as they have been for many many years.


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