Just Had A Worrying "java" Download Which Was Classed As A Threat (Possible Virus?) From My Mcafee Antivirus Which Looked Like It Came From This Sites Page

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Henrietta | 15:16 Sat 16th Aug 2014 | Technology
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I had other windows open but the java download was only on this sites page/in fron of the url unless it came from another page and tries to try and hide itself to disguise where it came from? I've never had this

It said something like "you need to download a java update" then i clicked the "x" to make it disappear then a tab came up saying something like "Are you sure you wish to cancel" again then I clicked the "x" to make it disappear and then instead of canceling it started to instantly download the supposed "java" update!

I instantly clicked "Cancel" and then on the left a tab suddenly popped up from the Mcafee virus stating that "Threats to be removed was cancelled" or something like that.

I just want to state that Mcafee came free with my computer a few years ago and it's still here and pops up time to time to warn me about possible threats and then to ask me to subscribe to the paid version so am not sure whether this had anything to do with it.

Just as I was typing this long post I had a popup from an authent looking ad from which I just found here

To be a virus so will remove it. Will my M.S.E or Malwarebytes find it or do I need to uninstall it in my "Uninstall recent programs as the site above states?

Also is this connected to the afore mentioned earlier "java" update?

Thanks in advance as i'm logging off and removing the virus in a minute and then logging off until I come back later. :)


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This seems to be happening for lots of folk today. Here's just one example....plenty more if you have search round...
It is definitely this site (Answerbank) and it is definitely malicious. It's coming from a pop-up ad at the top of the page. I switched from IE to Firefox, with the popup stopper plugin installed - so now not getting it.
I should think this website must be close to getting itself blacklisted if this continues
I'm not getting them luckily. I use Chrome + have an AdBlock

I am having trouble with Java too.
I had same problem earlier - but it seems to have stopped now .... watch this space ....
Had that myself on google chrome,have had to go on internet explorer
Question Author
I'm using Google chrome. If it's those "Pup" ads then I've had these "Pup" programs before and i'm not sure exactly what they do but they appeared to be seriously slowing my computer down. (Pup-Potentially unwanted Programs)

How does adblock stop them and how can I get it?

I've never bought anything from those target ads before but must admit they've reminded me of certain purchases i've made before which made me then go back to the site so they look like these ads work at least in my case.
.... I spoke too soon .... I'm on IE by the way
Question Author
Just to add Malwarebytes found it last time and just ran MSE which didn't find anything.

I have a few windows open once again on this site and another site. Is it possible that having open windows hampers the antivirus to work?

I would've thought that having windows open allow more of the virus in so the antivirus can see more of them entering into your computer and quickly apprehend the viruses and quickly seal off the entry routes unless they don't work like that?

Malwarebytes doesn't appear to have found anything either after 2 scans which is strange as it found them last time unless they've found cleverer ways for the virus to disguise itself and lodge itself deeper into the computer in the nooks and crannies where antiviruses cannot find them or do not search? I'm running Malwarebytes again but so far nothing :(

Maybe it's a different type of virus altogether!
Has anyone contacted Admin about this? Surely there is someone running the place?
I've been having this java pop-up all day and cannot do anything as it keeps knocking me off the page. Using another computer at the mo but it's very annoying.
Question Author
Has everyone tried removing from the "Uninstall program" tab as instructed to from the website as above?
Very annoying! Does anyone know how to contact Admin??
I am getting it too and its only when I try to use this site .
I've just run a Malwarebytes scan simply because this site is running slow for me, Henrietta, + it found one PUP thingy.
Incidentally, I was advised a few days ago to get rid of MSE,'s useless now, apparently

Question Author
Elliemay1 there's only one admin I can see called "AB-EDITOR" but am aware there are moderators on this site as well but whether they have the same admin privileges as the admin "AB-EDITOR" is my guess also as moderators and admins on other sites have different privileges regarding "behind the scenes site access" with only admins or technical staff having the "behind the scenes site access" and the moderators only having powers to basically deal with user/thread issues
Question Author
Thanks bathsheba. It appears that Mse never finds anything but in fairness Mbytes did find 2 the other day which hopefully points to nothing else on my computer.'s a c+p I've taken from an answer to one of my own questions re MSE...(thank you Buenchico, lol)

"However you shouldn't be using MSE either! (It failed several security tests last year and Microsoft admitted that it wasn't as good as they'd like it to be). Get rid of it and install either Avast (which I use)
or Comodo
(Click on 'Comodo Antivirus') "

Incidentally, I don't think there's any AB techies around at weekend :(

x x
I've not had java installed for problem at all.

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Just Had A Worrying "java" Download Which Was Classed As A Threat (Possible Virus?) From My Mcafee Antivirus Which Looked Like It Came From This Sites Page

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