Running Very Low On Disk Space...

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mrs.chappie | 15:12 Sat 16th Aug 2014 | Technology
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I've just logged in and at the top of the AB page there's this message:

///You are running very low on disk space. To free space you need to repair your Windows Errors.///

Next to the message there's a box saying "Repair Windows Errors".

Can anyone advise if it is wise to click on the box, please? I know very little about computers and in the past I've clicked on boxes and ended up regretting it.

I'm using Windows 7 and Firefox on my laptop computer.

Thanks in advance for any replies, peeps.


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Don't do it.
You can check it yourself.
I think it'll be spyware/malware
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Thanks very much, FF. Could you point me in the right direction to check it myself?
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I'm now seeing a message at the top of the AB page saying I need to update my version of Media Player, and there's a box to click. :o/
It sounds similar to the sort of bogus messages others are getting about Java updates
You might like to try this site:
I've never used this, or any other site like it, but it looks legit.
If you enter 'check pc disk space' into Google, you'll find more sites like this.
To check it yourself I think you click on Computer/myComputer, click on C drive then right click on it and select Properties. You'll probably find it's only using about 30%.
Unless you store loads of films and other huge files it's unlikely you'll be very low on disk space
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I think I'm gonna have to get a little man in. I'm getting way out of my depth trying to sort the bloomin' thing out. :o(

It takes about 3 clicks.
But it's very unlikely you will genuinely be short of disk space.
Even if you can't check your diskspace (takes 3 clicks) I would just ignore the message
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Thanks for that last answer, FF. I've just done that I have about three quarters of the disk free.
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^^^Oops, I meant the answer before the last one. x
It definitely sounds like there's some malware on your computer. Clicking on any of those links offered to you will probably result in your computer being rendered useless.

Download, install and run the free version of Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware:
(NB: Towards the end of the installation process you'll encounter a panel with two pre-ticked boxes. One of those ticks is next to an option to install a free trial of the 'Premium' version of the program. CLICK TO REMOVE THAT TICK!).

Don't be surprised if a scan takes a long time to complete; that's normal. When it finishes, it will probably have identified malware. Click the option to 'quarantine' it.
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I've checked the disk space and I have lots. I've also run the AntiMalware and Microsoft Security Essentials but I'm still having the trouble. :o(

Thanks for trying to help, folks, and thanks for the links - much appreciated.
If this is happening only when you're on AB then it could be another of those bogus messages people are getting, probably due to an undesirable advert on AB
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I thought that was the case, FF, but it has just happened on eBay too. :o(

It's happening a lot on AB though.

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Running Very Low On Disk Space...

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