Help me to connect TV, Set top box, VCR & DVD Recorder

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HappyFace | 01:13 Mon 14th May 2007 | Electronics
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I have visited the connection help facility on various websites but I still cannot work it out.
I have a Set Top Box (2 scarts - VCR & TV, TV port, aerial port), DVD recorder (2 scarts - AUX I/O & TO TV I/O, Antenna In, TV Out), TV (aerial is in loft and connected direct to TV although picture is poor and I rarely use this. 4 scarts) & VCR (2 scarts - AV2 Decoder & AV1 TV).
How do I connect it all up? I had it working in part, although it took an age for the set top box to switch channels and I had no internet connection (ethernet from set top box).
So in the meantime I have just connected the TV to the set top box. Internet works fine and so does cable TV.
How do I connect the rest? Your help would be greatly appreciated as the Mrs and kids will no longer be on my back and I will be able to have an early night not entwined in TV cables!!


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this is how mine is connected.

i scart lead from av1 on rear tv.
to ( tv ) scart input on freeview box.

2 scart from av2 socket rear of tv
to dvd av1 scart socket.

3 scart from av1 socket on vcr
to ( vcr ) scart socket on freeview box.

4 rf lead from rear of tv ( coax lead )
to rf input on vcr.

5 rf lead from vcr to rf input on freeview
6 main ariel ( roof or loft ) to freeview box.

dont forget when using dvd to switch
to av2 on remote.
good luck dave
try this site guys

click on what your linking up then it shows ya rd.html
thats a really good site,

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Help me to connect TV, Set top box, VCR & DVD Recorder

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