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puternut | 09:34 Mon 23rd Mar 2015 | Electronics
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I have a mobility scooter with air filled tyres which need checking periodically. From my previous motoring life I also have a 12v air pump to do this. But no 12v cigarette lighter/accessory socket.

Do you feel I am OK buying the item on e-bay listed below bearing in mind I do not know the power consumption of the tyre pump.

Many thanks


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Difficult to say. A couple of pumps on Amazon are rated at 10A and 15A respectively, so I'd be e bit nervous of using a 2A adaptor.
You need to look at your air pump and see what the power rating is on that.
I've just been and looked at my own tyre inflator and it takes 10 amps, so your link would NOT be any use to you.
£23.99 at Amazon if you are prepared to wait up to 5 working days to avoid a delivery charge of £3.99 :- User Recommendation

After checking a few small 12v tyre inflators (they all needed 3 amps +).
My guess is you should go for the bigger output that Hans had shown, rather than the one you have shown yourself in the link.
Otherwise your next question may be .. " Why do I get a burning smell when I inflate my tyres"
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Many thanks to one and all for your input. Seems Hans' is a better choice (Sorry daveygh) as it seems to include the 'kettle' lead too

As I said there is no indication on the pump as to its consumption.

Thanks again

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