Nokia To Copy Contacts To Laptop

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alzheimer | 14:59 Tue 06th May 2014 | Electronics
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Hello everybody...I have always preferred that a phone is a phone with which I text and contact people and do not want to do multimedia stuff while in transit - OK I'm an old fogey but I was upgrading my ancient NOKIA classic mobile and bought a NOKIA 301 ..not the lumia one - just the plain one - it is fine BUT apparently neither NOKIA SUITE nor NOKIA PC SUITE support this version and so - how do I copy my contacts for safekeeping onto my laptop.
I have tried every which way but to no avail - so any help would be very much appreciated ....please and thankyou in advance!


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This any help ?

One can download multi-handset application for the PC to back-up stuff. May need to Google to find a good free one.
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Hi there OG..I guessed you might be around with some advice .....LOL and thanks! However - as this NOKIA 301 does not use the Ashia platform (don't ask!!) anybody who has the plain NOKIA 301 is apparently left in limbo.....grrrrr!
I will prowl around Google for your other suggestion - and report back!
Were I at home I might be able to dig out the name of one or two I've tried in the past. Here may be good places to start checking for one, most of which I have visited in the past: but be sure to virus check anything downloaded just in case.
I dd spot one I used to use a fair old while ago now, with success, sitting on my PC. It was called MOBILedit. If that's any use to you. No idea what the latest versin is like though.

Also one can get USB plug ins one can slide the SIM card into, but that may be a buit of a fuss if your contacts are on the handset rather than the SIM.
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THANKS OG...I'll have a go at the new one - I did try your last suggestion but sadly nearly landed up with some "PUPS" ..eek...However you had warned me so I managed to keep clear!
I could of course always copy my 300+++ numbers to my sim and do a card reader....hadn't thought of that either!!
Thanks again, from the other OG ..Old Gal.....;>>))
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Hello again OG...believe it or not the excellent MOBILedit didn't support my odd-ball mobile which is a NOKIA 103 - a sort of hybrid effort I am informed!! Happily I had only downloaded the trial version - so managed to delete without penalty!
And it hadn't even heard of my newest acquisition - a "Fonerange Rugged 128" which would be ideal for my mountain climbing son!
SO - back to the drawing board - and your far simpler suggestion of the card reader!!
I really appreciate all your suggestions though OG..
Yours aye - the other OG Alz!

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Nokia To Copy Contacts To Laptop

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