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davewr | 16:30 Fri 05th Feb 2016 | Computers
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On Answerbank I've started getting adverts that obscure the questions. There is a logo at the top right corner for AdChoices but nothing to close the ad, if I click anywhere on the ad I get taken to the site. Any ideas how to stop these? I've run a scan with Malwarebytes but that didn't find anything.


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i can tell you...but the ED wont let me!
That still sounds like malware to me, even though you're run Malwarebytes. Try booting into Safe Mode (via pressing F8 during the start-up process) and then running Malwarebytes again. (Also, of course, check that you actually 'zap' anything that's found, via the 'Quarantine' option).

If the problem persists then email AB to let them know that there might be a problem with the site ( [email protected] ) . Make sure you provide the following information:
a) the device which you're using (e.g. a Windows PC, an iPad or an Android tablet) ;
b) the browser that you're using (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera) ;
c)whether you're using the 'normal' (desktop) version of AB or the mobile one, if appropriate ;
d) the URL of a page where the ads occur ;
e) what the ads are for.

Some of the more awful ads grow bigger if the mouse occidentally hovers over them. They tend to go if you move the mouse elsewhere. If not try clicking elsewhere.
Control panel, add remove programs. Uninstall anything related to Adchoices. Look at your browser addons and remove any relayed to Adchoices. Search on net if unsure how to do these actions.
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Thanks for your responses. I've re-run Malwarebytes in safe mode but still no results and I haven't found anthing in Programs or browser add-ons about AdChoices. I've done a search of the computer and that didn't find anything either.
I've made a note of the details listed for sending on to the Editor and I'll email next time I have a problem. Intermitent problems are always the worst to find.
Thanks again.

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Removing Adverts

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