Good Luck Girls . . . . . . .

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Canary42 | 16:33 Wed 19th Jan 2022 | Sport
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. . . . . let's hope you fare better than the boys.


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Hear hear !
No doubt they will make a better fist of it than the boys
But like something else currently in the news they have not exactly got a difficult act to follow …
-- answer removed --
Lol at TTT
Surely England’s Women can’t be as bad as the Men ?
I was going to say something about the acid test then realised I'd risk falling foul of our new drugs tsar.
Seriously ? !
TTT gets a joke removed that was about Djokovic and being unable to get him out ?
This sounds a bit narrow-minded on AB Mind-Control's part, depending on the joke.

However, I do like:

'Novax is now being called Novisa because he couldn't enter Australia. Maybe next time he will get his vaccine and be able to play, who knows.'

Though my favourite is that Novax is the first player to be knocked out of a grand slam after missing only two shots.
Exactly DTC

this was the joke :

In a shock move, English
Cricket Board have announced
tennis World No.1 Novak
Diokovic as temporary batting
"We acknowledge he doesn't
have a background in our
sport but we couldn't overlook
the fact it took Australia two
weeks to get him out.

THAT got removed ? !
surely not....

What is the Oz Captain holding above his head as to the miniature trophy?

The England Cricket Coach as in Chris Silverwood....
^^^ especially as it still stands as a post in Jokes from yesterday.
21:04 looks like he got suspended too, does seem harsh.
Good grief. If true, the ED needs to step in.
Profile says active
Has he been reprieved this morning ?
we need some wickets to put the brakes on here.
Honestly I don't know what is happening with this site, they seem to have a mod/ED that is not at all impartial. I honestly cannot see what I did to get suspended yesterday. I tried to log on at about 7:30 last night and I was suspended. I can't believe the Djokovic joke was the reason. Ed please explain!
Looks like there is a new sherif in town !
Gelz have been caned today ( at cricket for chrissakes)
perhaps the mod thinks old men should not make schoolboy jokes
ToraToraTora, using acronyms to avoid the swear filter.

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Good Luck Girls . . . . . . .

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