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Ken4155 | 08:04 Tue 18th Jun 2019 | Other Sports
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As a spectacle, i suppose Royal Ascot is up there with the best but, imho, it's not a patch on Cheltenham for action and excitement and i always think there is a lot more hype about this festival, too. That said, it does give us an opportunity to see some beautiful animals in their prime and some at the onset of what could be brilliant careers but, as far as picking winners is concerned, it's a minefield - well, for me it is :-/
So, in hope rather than any confidence, these selections are what my studies have led me to choose.

2.30; Mustashry @ 9/2 (Rev f/c with Laurens)
3.05; Guildsman @ 7/1
3.40; Mab'sCross @ 8/1
5.35; Addeybb @ 7/1

Win singles, 20p Lucky 15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = £24, 4 winners = £3,918.

ITV7; Mustashry, Final Frontier, Guildsman, Mab's Cross, Phoenix of Spain, Coeur De Lion & Addeybb.

Also have a gut feeling that the bookies have somewhat overlooked Mixboy (5.00) by pricing it up so high. As Skybet are paying on 6 places (1/5 odds) i've had £1.50 e.w. @ 25/1.

Best of luck, all.


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Morning Ken, agree 100% about that, also one good thing about Royal Ascot this year is it's being shown on Sky Racing so won't have to put up with ITV fashion and food show with a race thrown in every half hour.
I'm going there on Thursday so hoping to win a few quid beforehand so my picks today are....
2.30 Mustashry
3.05 Fort Myers
3.40 Blue Point
4.20 Fox Champion
5.00 Coeur De Lion
5.35 Mountain Angel
and Thunder Buddy for the ITV 7

Good luck all have a good un!
Morning're on the gallops early. It is always a better event when the sun is blazing but we have what we have I suppose. Remember I said that Summer Sands was entered for todays Coventry Stakes...….It is obviously scratched(although Fahey runs Majestic Sands instead) and has entries for the 17.35 Wed &14.30 Thurs so he intends to run it methinks. Picked early as well because I have promised "she who must be obeyed" that I would help her to tidy up her parent's plot at the cemetery. Remember Sat. Ken when I finished with a nice 20/1 winner? Afterwards as I was looking to log down 365 I noticed that one of my "Poets" was running...… lobbed £2.50 on Poets Dawn at 15/2. York is becoming my happy hunting ground. Done the ITV7 with a 7 leg 50p Acca and the following.

Mustashry @9/2 2.30
Guildsman @7/1 3.05
Fun Mac* @10/1 5.00
Magic Wand* @9/2 5.35 * = reduced odds extra place.

£1.00 e/w Acca. 30p e/w doubles and trebles.

For the ITV7 and the small Acca add to the above Al Suil Eile 2.45 Thirsk, Baatash 3.40 & Too Darn Hot 4.20. Good Luck.
Morning Panky you posted as I was prevaricating. Another early bird.
Ken, you're absolutely right, I've been to most of the course in England and Ireland and Cheltenham on Gold cup day, drank Guinness with the paddies wonderful day out.
Morning TTT. You are a "dark horse" as well. Didn't know that you were a racing fan. Good man.
Will you be in Top Hat and Tails Panky? (^_*)
TBF togs not much these days, I used a go a lot with the Con club I was a member of on the old charabanc. I also had a mate that used to do a lot of work in Ireland and I often had a week or two there and we always went to the races. Not been for a few years now but I have some great memories.
Still a great "education" in the niceties of real life though Tora. Don't go often myself these days. Used to love York, Uttoxeter, Haydock et al. Chester is just about enough for me now and Cheltenham would be just to much to manage nowadays. You know how it knackers you to keep up with events for a full on day. Would probably peg out in the final furlong. Haha.
Togo, no chance of that but I will be suited n booted, it is funny to watch all the snooty gits in their top hat and tails strutting around with their noses in the air
Hmmmm….bad start for all of us. Do a bit of "cover" on my other picks.
Haha nice E/W 5 timer in the end with the multi patents to fill up the pot. Tomorrow is another day. Been like a blue whatsited fly all day. Busy painting a picket fence before I put it up, tidying a grave, and running in and out to watch the races. Time for a beer and a sit down before the storm that is threatening hits. A lightning storm would not surprise me it has gone very "close" and still up here.
You at least finished with the winner Ken...….didn't harm me, I only needed a place.
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I picked my lot last night and, due to the fact i'm painting a mates house while he's on his jollies, i'll probably do the same tonight. Can't believe i had to wait for the last race to have a winner which, with the usual £5 win, has me showing a bit of a profit on day one (£32 stake, £40 return). Nothing to write home about though as my 'overlooked' horse, Mixboy, came plumb last. Royal Ascot, dontcha just luv it:-)/
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Well done with your cover bet, Togo. The main difference between Royal Ascot and the Cheltenham Festival is that, with the latter, ATR have a dedicated stats section for each race on their Microsite. Not for Royal Ascot, they don't, probably because the stats thrown up differ year by year? So, as a dedicated stats freak, i do tend to be influenced a tad by the so called 'experts'. So if i have a bad day, so do they :-))) The difference being that they get paid for it :-//
I have just had a look, after tidying up outside, and find that I got them to shell out nigh on £70 in bits and pieces. Happy enough with that. Had a good few weeks really I suppose. It will take em a while to claw it back from my modest bets. Since just before I went on my jollies I am about £470 up. Probably put the pepper on myself now.
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Summer Sands runs in the last tomorrow, Togo, with Barry McHugh keeping the ride. Could have been better drawn though is one of the more fancied runners @ 12s (fav is 6/1 in a very open race).
Question Author
2.30; Final Song @ 9/2
3.05; Western Australia @ 4/1
4.20; Agrotera @ 6/1
5.35; Summer Sands @ 12/1

Win singles, 20p Lucky 15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = £25, 4 winners = £3,287.
Skybet paying 7 places in 5.00 so i've done £2 e.w. on Mordin @ 20s.
ITV 7; as per all above plus Magical and Highly Focussed.
Just a 50p e.w. acca on the ITV 7 as any more would 'break the bank'. All 7 placed = £209, all win = £487,961.

Good luck, guys.
Morning Ken have picked the runners and laid the ITV7. Have also done little e/w 7 timers, 6 timers, and 5 timers using these 6 and Jordan Electrics in the 2.55 Thirsk. Not yet whittled it down to a 4 horse main bet so will post in a little while. Dentist later for the usual check up, but will be back before the off.

Final Song 2.30
Jalmoud 3.05
Zabeel Prince 3.40
Pretty Baby 4.20
Mordin 5.00
Summers Sands! 5.35. I see that Captain Heath(Marcus Townsend) has napped this Ken. We were first.
Haha Ken my 20p E/W acca on the 7 would pay £1,983,907. Was about 9million to 1. The limit on 365 is £2million. Tight gits.
Sorted. From the previous post I have done the four below as my "bankers".

Final Song* @4/1 2.30 (5 places)
Jalmoud @ 11/2 3.05
Pretty Baby @9/1 4.20
Summer Sands @12/1 5.35

£1.00 E/W Acca 25p E/W Doubles and Trebles. As yesterday I have the option to do cover bets if all goes pear shaped early and will probably have a look at Zabeel Prince and Mordin at long odds as e/w singles. Good Luck.

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