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Blackmail E-Mail

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Hymie | 23:02 Mon 22nd Jan 2024 | Spam & Scams
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I’ve just received the blackmail e-mail below (in my spam folder), interestingly the sent e-mail address is my own e-mail address (I don’t know how they do that).

I doubt very much that they have video images of my sick perversions, as I have a piece of black tape covering my laptop camera at all times.  But if you do find any video images of my sick perversions please post them on this site or youtube.


Hello pervert,


I want to inform you about a very bad situation for you. However, you can benefit from it, if you will act wisely.


Have you heard of Pegasus?

This is a spyware program that installs on computers and smartphones and allows hackers to monitor the activity of device owners.

It provides access to your webcam, messengers, emails, call records, etc. It works well on Android, iOS, and Windows.

I guess, you already figured out where I'm getting at.


It's been a few months since I installed it on all your devices because you were not quite choosy about what links to click on the internet.

During this period, I've learned about all aspects of your private life, but one is of special significance to me.

I've recorded many videos of you jerking off to highly controversial porn videos.

Given that the "questionable" genre is almost always the same, I can conclude that you have sick perversion.


I doubt you'd want your friends, family and co-workers to know about it. However, I can do it in a few clicks.

Every number in your contact book will suddenly receive these videos - on WhatsApp, on Telegram, on Skype, on email - everywhere.

It is going to be a tsunami that will sweep away everything in its path, and first of all, your former life.

Don't think of yourself as an innocent victim. No one knows where your perversion might lead in the future, so consider this a kind of deserved punishment to stop you.


Better late than never.

I'm some kind of God who sees everything.

However, don't panic. As we know, God is merciful and forgiving, and so do I.

But my mercy is not free.


Transfer $1220 USD to my bitcoin wallet: 1JVMTup4zuS1JMGXAYYRgvyr2PUmNnY6g2


Once I receive confirmation of the transaction, I will permanently delete all videos compromising you,

uninstall Pegasus from all of your devices, and disappear from your life. You can be sure - my benefit is only money.

Otherwise, I wouldn't be writing to you, but destroy your life without a word in a second.


I'll be notified when you open my email, and from that moment you have exactly 48 hours to send the money.

If cryptocurrencies are unchartered waters for you, don't worry, it's very simple.

Just google "crypto exchange" and then it will be no harder than buying some useless stuff on Amazon.


I strongly warn you against the following:

) Do not reply to this email. I sent it from a temp email so I am untraceable.

) Do not contact the police. I have access to all your devices, and as soon as I find out you ran to the cops, videos will be published.

) Don't try to reset or destroy your devices.


As I mentioned above: I'm monitoring all your activity, so you either agree to my terms or the videos are published.


Also, don't forget that cryptocurrencies are anonymous, so it's impossible to identify me using the provided address.

Good luck, my perverted friend. I hope this is the last time we hear from each other.


And some friendly advice: from now on, don't be so careless about your online security.



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They might be displaying your name as the sender but if you inspect the header and raw message the sender will have some odd accountname. They'll have sent it to lots of people, maybe from hacking someone's address book. 

It'll be all those EU websites you've  been visiting 😂

Blackmail matters.

Ho, ho, ho!  Move this to "Jokes" - it's a cracker.

Doug deserves yet another BA.

Hymie, you disgusting person. You've not been caught watching Blackburn Rovers, have you. How sick can you get.

Question Author

Although the e-mail gave me a good laugh – blackmail is a serious crime and law enforcement around the world should be tracking down people sending such threats.  Those found guilty are likely to be jailed for life, given the number of people they have attempted to blackmail.

What are you going to do about it, Hymie?

Question Author

Sharing it with you lot, on AB.

Call their bluff - "Publish & be damned!"

You are not reporting it to the police then?

Copy and paste the email header, please, blanking out your email address, obviously 

Question Author

The e-mail heading reads: Response for you're (sic) doing.

Under this is the sender’s e-mail address (in bold), which is mine – and below that is To: (my e-mail address), and you have the rest above.

I could share the inspection of the bold e-mail address, but then you’d know who I was and might start blackmailing me too.

-- answer removed --

//you’d know who I was and might start blackmailing me too.//

Yes - I'd blackmail you to stop plugging your mate "Phil"! LOL 

-- answer removed --
Question Author

//You are not reporting it to the police then?//


The police can’t be bothered where people have been scammed out of hundreds of thousands of pounds – what do you think they would do with this e-mail?

....have you been watching your mate Phil again Hymie?

-- answer removed --

I used to get a lot of these and nobody was interested to know until the sender attached a photo of himself doing what he was accusing me of, then the police reported it as a crime, but I was just told that if I get any more indecent pictures then I can now report it to the crime number. They suggested I change my email address, but I decided instead to just block it if possible and delete. 

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Blackmail E-Mail

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