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Request On Facebook From American Servicemen

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hellywelly4 | 22:34 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | Spam & Scams
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I keep getting friend requests from men supposedly in the US military. I'm able to block them but thought I would put a warning on AB as there have been several examples of ladies being conned out of large amounts of money. (Not that I'm implying that anyone on AB would fall for this scam!).



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awww, you don't want to be a GI bride?

The sad thing is that people do fall for these scams.  

I follow a couple of Police pages on DB and they even post on these pages.

I really hope that ABers are more intelligent or cynical to fall for a con.


DB should be Facebook - I need to go to bed!

I have FB locked down so I don't get any friend requests. It stops a lot of nonsense

I wish someone would try & scam me!! I would lead them a merry dance!!

Yeah, it's probably ftom some Americans desperately wanting to be immigrating here for economic reasons and looking for a fake marriage to "legitimise" them.


It's fairly easy to stop or at least limit who can send you friend requests. I quite enjoy looking at friend suggestions, in particular trying to guess who the mutual friends are if any.

I had a US General who thought I looked amazing in my profile picture.  

It was a photo of the handsome lad in my current AB profile pic.


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Request On Facebook From American Servicemen

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