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Apex Ai

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henrys202020 | 13:45 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Spam & Scams
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anyone  using  apex/ai   for  easy  money  'must  deposit  250  pounds    to  begin   is  it  a  scam



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It doesn't sound too healthy so I woudn;lt be depositing anything.  I'll ask the editor to move this to a more appropriate section.

Course it is.  No genuine invest company would want your money immediately and would advise you to get independent financial advice before committing yourself


No I have a Nigerian relative who used to be the finance minister, I'm getting a share of $25m. 👍

Good to see you've managed to get back in as henry, henry.

If you're comfortavble with crypto currency and prepared to lose all or most of your £250 to scammers, and prepared to be bombarded by requests to  put evn more in- then give it a go. But I'd avoid it. What attracted you to it- what are you hoping to get for your £250 which a respected, regulated provider can't offer you

A bit of clarification to start with:
Apex.AI is a perfectly legitimate software company but it has absolutely nothing to do with cryptocurrency trading.  What Henry appears to be referring to is Immediate Apex AI, which I wouldn't recommend touching at all, even with an infinite number of the proverbial bargepoles.

Googling for reviews of Immediate Apex AI appears to find lots of positive ones across many apparently respectable business news websites.  However digging a bit deeper shows that those websites are actually fakes, all having been set up specifically to dupe people into believing that Immediate Apex AI is legit.

The website for Immediate Apex AI was only created four months ago which, in itself, is enough to start some alarm bells ringing for me.

Further, the domain name for the company was registered on the basis that the registrant is a private individual, rather than a company, thus allowing the actual details of the registrant to be kept secret.  (No legitimate business would ever do that).

A favourite trick of scammers is to pretend that well known celebrities have made loads of money from investing with them and that those same celebrities are therefore happy to endorse the scammers' business.  Looking at the results of a web search for reviews of Immediate Apex AI, I note that Kylie Gillies (who's an Australian TV presenter) allegedly recommends the trading platform but I'm absolutely confident that she's never had anything to do with it.

Further, I see that our own Chris Tarrant supposedly endorses the service but, once again, I'd be prepared to bet plenty of money on exactly the opposite being true.


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