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Did Jesus Ever Get Ill?

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fiveleaves | 18:41 Sat 08th Jan 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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This is not territory many pastors will dare to go into, but why not?
Perhaps they think questions like this undermines Christianity, I would claim the opposite
Did Jesus get colds as a child or even something like chicken pox?
Carpentry tools can be dangerous, did He ever cut His hand
I really don't know but I do hold that Jesus was 100% God and 100% Man during His time on earth.
Was this meant in everyday life is something of a mystery as the New Testament only records a short period of His life


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Question Author
Naomi, I have not read The Infancy Gospel of Thomas so I cant make any comment about it. We are told very little of Jesus's childhood but that wasn't really my point in this thread.
No, I don't think Jesus was mentally ill, but there are some people on this thread who I do think are mentally ill or have personality disorders
Did James Bond or Sherlock Holmes ever get a cold?

I don't suppose the authors thought to include the events, as they wouldn't interest the reader.
Jesus’ family thought he was mentally ill, fiveleaves. Why don’t you believe them?
Question Author
Naomi, His family thought he was mentally ill?. Well that totally settles it. If my parents thought I was schizophrenic I would believe them. Certainly wouldn't bother seeing a psychiatrist.
Anyway what in the NT brings you to that conclusion?
I think you are talking absolute bunkum
Mark 3.21.
Question Author
Naomi, Well, I suppose its natural for parents not to understand their children from time to time, and parents can also be wrong. Mental illness is about a consistent pattern of behaviour rather than a single event. Anyway Mary was certainly there at the end.
I think you need to read the next few verses from Mark 3 v 21
I’ve read it. It changes nothing. His family thought he’d lost his marbles. I won’t wait for an apology from you.
Question Author
Naomi, the verse actually talks about His people, I will be generous and give you the benefit of the doubt and say that might mean his immediate family.
Do you think it is a theme in the NT that Jesus's family thought He was off his rocker, I certainly don't.
On a serious note you would do well to get to know the real Jesus before it's too late.
// Another incident recorded there is also mentioned in the Koran - the time when the boy Jesus allegedly brought clay birds to life - so it's clear that the gospel was available to Mohammed in the 7th century.//

thank god someone has said this thread has degenerated into stupidity and gormlessness

no the conclusion DOESNT follow the antecedent: in view of other inaccuracies, all one can say is that a corrupt version of some of the Bible was available to The Prophet. ( if you believe the Prophet wrote all of the Quran, that is!)

Infancy Gospel of Thomas ( distinguish please the Gospel of Thomas to be found as Oxy Rh Papyrus 1.1) - The first known quotation of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas is from Irenaeus of Lyon around AD 180, who calls it spurious and apocryphal.
so I dont think we need spend too long on that one

Metzger: Canon of the New Testament is worth a read
( basically where the NT comes from). Christian doctrine: a gospel is a gospel is NOT a gospel ( thx to Alice B toklas)

Little baby jesus, playing with his pals made mud birds ( clay in the Quran, arabic word Segil - which is a latin load word Sigilla - giving our word - seal ( of a document) Phoca is the other one) tapped the mud figures and they flew away
Copts believe this to be true and historical - BUT Copts ( Egyptian Christians to you atheists) are monophysite ( old word) or miaphysite - (new word) - one nature - God. (*) and that Jesus was divine from the start.

Romans believe that Christ was human until crucifixion - and then divine ( dual mature). They point out ( honestly didnt you learn this at skool?) that Jesus' miracles are done thro an agent before crucifixion ( hence birdie story is a no-no) - and by himself in personam after.

Circumcision ( holy feast of, Jan 1st) is also a sign that Christ was human. - "and the time came after 8 days for the child to be presented at the temple according to the Law of Moses." Meets Simeon - Nunc Dimittis - Simeon had been promised he would not die until he had seen the son of god Luke 2. Nasty spat about that a few nights ago when the illiterate proles had had enough

Nailit - STOP - stop reading ! you wont understand ! - too late!
sozza shouldda put this first.

(*) monos - only - - mia fem nom of 'one' - same nature to me ( homoousion) god dont the clerics argue about nothing as they swig their sweet sherry.

That depends upon the translation you use. Pickiness doesn’t alter the sentiment. As for me getting to know Jesus, I guarantee I’m more familiar with the Bible than you are - your ignorance of that verse confirms that - and I am therefore quite capable of making my own choices so I would thank you to keep your patronising - and unsolicited - advice to yourself. It could be construed as offensive.
^that to fiveleaves.
excuse me finkers!
wasnt mental illness looked on as demonic possession in those far off days?
talk about this thread degenerating into stupidity and....
how prophetic

well Luke 2 - following the circumcision ( ow!) - mary remembered the sayings and started noting them down....which is kinda odd if she thought he was loo-loo Luke 2 19
ἡ δὲ Μαρία πάντα συνετήρει τὰ ῥήματα ταῦτα συνβάλλουσα ἐν τῇ καρδίᾳ αὐτῆς
aaahhh you knew I was gonna say that
// It could be construed as offensive.//
construe it how you like - - I will not complain

as Queen Elizabeth said ( gloriana, the first that is!) - I will not put windows into mens souls

[didnt stop her chopping off the heads of a few Romans even tho]
//On a serious note you would do well to get to know the real Jesus before it's too late.//

Why is that underlying threat ALWAYS there?
Why would people be afraid of a loving God?
What is it with this idea that if people cant accept ur belief system that they are going to end up been tortured for an eternity in a hopeless, agonising, never-ending, burning hell?

Says more about you than it does about me or other non believers on this site!

Cant think of a single non-christian on AB who would wish such atrocity on anyone.
PP, didn't Jesus raise Lazarus on his own, apart from getting someone to roll away the stone? Practice for his own resurrection.
Nailit. I agree 100% with you. What's wrong with these people?
Now I'm not one to cast aspersions but perhaps Jesus inherited his auld dad's gullibility gene viv-a-vis supernatural occurences.

That Joseph bought a few magic beans in his day.
Maybe Laphroaig was available for sale back then in Roman/Herod days in Bethlehem, Douglas, the Isle of Jura a veritable centre of early capitalism in Europe - or even in Scotland?
//Cant think of a single non-christian on AB who would wish such atrocity on anyone//

Is their ANY atheist/non believer who would wish an eternal torture on ANYONE?
We all wish to see justice.
But ETERNAL punishment is not justice.
Hands up anyone who sees someone burning in unimaginable pain, for ever, as been just?
It just isnt...
Its sick beyond belief.
I was once someones child/parent/friend/uncle/brother/nephew etc
How could someone be happy in heaven knowing that I was in hell?
Never recieved a response....
(Not an adequate one anyway).

How could I be happy knowing that my friends of the past who have
commited suicide, or died young from addiction problems?
Never going to see them again because God has sent them to hell?

For real?

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Did Jesus Ever Get Ill?

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