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Did Jesus Ever Get Ill?

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fiveleaves | 18:41 Sat 08th Jan 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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This is not territory many pastors will dare to go into, but why not?
Perhaps they think questions like this undermines Christianity, I would claim the opposite
Did Jesus get colds as a child or even something like chicken pox?
Carpentry tools can be dangerous, did He ever cut His hand
I really don't know but I do hold that Jesus was 100% God and 100% Man during His time on earth.
Was this meant in everyday life is something of a mystery as the New Testament only records a short period of His life


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Please stop flirting with me. I'm a same-sex relationship trans incel. Do you realise the hurt you people cause? (lol) x
Question Author
Nailit, I am often puzzled by your thinking that you are somehow unique in having read the whole Bible. A number of people in my Church read the whole Bible in a year, every year. It takes me rather longer about 5 years.
Yes, reading the Bible won't necessarily make you a Christian. You need the Holy Spirit to open your spiritual eyes
Oh dear. Pix, if you weren't flirting then please disregard my previous post!
//I really don't know but I do hold that Jesus was 100% God and 100% Man during His time on earth//

As mentioned earlier...
Try reading the NT in the order that it was written and you
may get a glimpse into how that idea came about.

St Paul certainly had no theology of the kind,
The earliest Gospel (Mark) also had no such theology
(In me in Mark, even a hint that Jesus was God)
Matthew & Luke has Jesus been Semi-Divine but not God
(Show me in either Gospel that Jesus Claims to be God)

//I am often puzzled by your thinking that you are somehow unique in having read the whole Bible//

Where, on the whole of AB or the internet, have I made such a claim?
Lol. Confused, should probably stick with my dogs:-)
I'm still sniggering at my username there. What are we talking about?
Loads have read the bible. Most don't believe it. When you consider even remote tribes that have invented religions... how come nobody comes up with the same god?
Did he catch rabies after kicking Pontius Pilate's dog that subsequently bit him?
20:31, rowan, that's covered with a psychology degree. Theology is just religion, no use on its own.
//You need the Holy Spirit to open your spiritual eyes//
You need Krishna to open your spiritual eyes
You need Sun Myung Moon to open your spiritual eyes
You need Allah to open your spiritual eyes
You need Brahma to open your spiritual eyes
You need ......
beginning to see a pattern here fiveleaves?
Just read the works of Anton LeVeys Satanic Bible to open your eyes fiveleaves....
Let the shadows fall from your eyes and enjoy earthly delights -)
As regards my post of the Pre-Raphaelite picture, I did notice the ambiguity of my wording after I posted it Atheist.

And for PeterPedant, yes the hole in the hand was intended by the artist (Millais) to be symbolic, and caused a lot of controversy in its time (there is even a story that, on hearing of all the fuss, Queen Victoria ordered it to be brought to the palace for her inspection).
Jesus, I believe, suffered some mental illness. His family thought so too.

It’s a shame this thread has descended into nonsense.
i see jc a bit like ron hubbard and scientology, but in a different context, jc borrowed ideas from other faiths myths and cobbled them together to make sense to himself or his epiphany moment, and thought he would share his erm maybe divine inspired moment, or he just talked about it drinking wine, as for the rest..nah i don't buy any of it.. only that he was just a man who had collected ideas.
The Infancy Gospel of Thomas, thought to date from the second century and regarded as heretical by early Christians, relates tales of the child Jesus and also mentions his attendance at the temple reflecting the story in the New Testament. Whether this text goes some way to filling in the missing years is a matter of conjecture but it's no surprise it was dismissed. It doesn’t show the boy Jesus, who appears to have been abusing his powers, in a good light at all. Another incident recorded there is also mentioned in the Koran - the time when the boy Jesus allegedly brought clay birds to life - so it's clear that the gospel was available to Mohammed in the 7th century.
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Nailit, "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God (Mark ch1 v 1)
No need to delve very far into Mark to find a claim of Jesus's Divinity
Or I could offer ch1 v 11 "Then a voice came from heaven, "You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased"
Case closed
I can’t see how ^that is ‘case closed … but no comment on my posts, fiveleaves?
I had a similar experience in a petrol station one time when a voice from above said "Replace the nozzle and start again".

Fuel for thought.
Who heard that voice from heaven, Fiveleaves?
I thought Jesus said he was the son of man? David Icke is the son of God.

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Did Jesus Ever Get Ill?

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