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Did Jesus Ever Get Ill?

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fiveleaves | 18:41 Sat 08th Jan 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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This is not territory many pastors will dare to go into, but why not?
Perhaps they think questions like this undermines Christianity, I would claim the opposite
Did Jesus get colds as a child or even something like chicken pox?
Carpentry tools can be dangerous, did He ever cut His hand
I really don't know but I do hold that Jesus was 100% God and 100% Man during His time on earth.
Was this meant in everyday life is something of a mystery as the New Testament only records a short period of His life


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Anyone else just scrolls by Peter Pedants Posts or is it just me?
I used to try and decipher some of them but lately become cumbersome!
Just scroll on now.
yeah - but never seen a schizophrenic turn water into wine

but as someone has said - anything you dont like yoou call a parable
There was this boy a long time ago
and he get a cut on the palm of his hand
someone paints it
then later he is nailed to a cross
same hand same hole

there is a bit more to this

Jesus - AB gets worse
If I scrolled by Nailits posts - I would have nothing to laugh at
Question Author
Nailit, I have answered lots of your posts in many threads. I am only going to answer if you address the relevant topic
Turning water into wine....I doubt that ever happened in the daysbeforeaccurate records, legends grew up around notable people. So I don't believe in myths of miracles, stories grow, are elaborated on over time with no proof to support those stories but poor, disenfranchised and exiled people would have wanted a hero, is it such a huge step to want to believe that hero is more than human even if it could not possibly be so.
Try reading the NT in the order that it was written and it becomes a game changer....
St Pauls Epistles are the earliest Christian writings.
The 5 (and possibly 6) Epistles that are authenticated to a singular writer, show that Paul had no idea of an earthly Jesus, and that his Jesus was a mystical one. (Later Pauline 'Epistles' were obvious forgieries).
The later Gospels (of which there were many) attempted to place Jesus into a historical setting.
(Much like Spiderman into New York or Harry Potter into Kings cross)

The earliest Gospel, (Mark) had jesus as just a man...a very special man...but just a man.
The Gospels of Matthew and Luke had him as been semi-divine.
The last Gospel, John, had him as been FULLY divine.

The evolution of religion and religious ideas!

Fiveleaves - I would suggest that the bible is like any other novel, play or film.

Incidents of daily life are referred to only if they advance the plot.

Incidentals like illness, tiredness, boredom, falling over, throwing up using the toilet
having a bath etc., only crop up if they are relevant to the story being told.

Therefore, as a human, Jesus did all the above, and more, but they don't add to the story, so they are not included.
The "miracle" at the wedding feast is easily explained. At such events, the wine was served first undiluted, gradually getting worse until it was so watered down as to be virtually water to make it stretch out. But, by that time, most of the guests were too far gone to notice or care. All that happened here was that a few bottles of undiluted wine was kept back till the end.

Simples, innit?
> fiveleaves; surely Jesus coudn't have been 100% God and 100% man? That would have made him 200% of something. Do you know anything about math?

Oh, don't play "math".

Ever heard of a Venn diagram?
//Nailit, I have answered lots of your posts in many threads. I am only going to answer if you address the relevant topic //

You have answered zero questions put to you fiveleaves so its no surprise that you continue to answer zero.
Your God of love is a fiction.
You havnt read the Bible...
Question Author
Nailit, I have read the whole Bible
Funny isn't it, two of the biggest nonbelievers on this site have read the bible without being infected with belief. I reckon it was like vaccination. Early exposure to a version that is dead gives immunity from catching the disease.
"I have read the whole Bible"

So have I. I have also read the whole of The Lord of the Rings.
//Nailit, I have read the whole Bible//
Read it again without the God goggles on...
its an eye opener!
Ellipsis; we didn't have Venn diagrams in my day. Thanks for drawing my attention to that.
I'm 100% human and 100% male (yes I really am!)
//So have I. I have also read the whole of The Lord of the Rings//
Ill raise you a tenner jim...
Ive read the Bhagavad vita...
Sounds good to me, atheist ;-)
The Bhagavad Gita. Yes indeed.

The Bhagavad Gita - As It Is.
And the Koran, plus enough books on Wicca and Paganism to open a library. Religion and it's impact on society is fascinating. If I had the money I would love to do a Theology degree.

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Did Jesus Ever Get Ill?

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