The End Times.

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Theland | 04:28 Thu 07th Dec 2017 | Religion & Spirituality
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The world seems to be falling apart, but the pieces are falling into place in accordance with Bible prophecy.
That's as far as you need to read, if your intent is to regurgitate your conclusions without considering the evidence.
Israel is by far the biggest indicator of where we are. It's very existence is a miracle. It many enemies all foretold in the past. Now Trump is moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, causing the predictable outrage. The Bible states that Jerusalem would be a millstone too heavy for the nations to deal with.
Globalisation takes us towards the one world economic system. The Pope is working hard to unite all of the worlds religions, as predicted.
Global disasters are increasing in frequency and intensity, always predicated with astonishing adjectives to emphasise the uniqueness of the events.
Societies are racing towards internal collapse, with the drug culture, the sexual,immorality that prevails, crime and violence tearing communities apart, instability of governments throughout the world, the rise in occultism, the persecution of Christians throughout the world, and the apostate churches preaching rubbish. There is so much more, and YOU can investigate it all if you so wish, but you cannot deny it is all happening right now, getting worse, at an incredible rate.


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It's always been like that tl. I can't see it ever changing!
How you measure these things is maybe a little subjective but, if anything, the world is getting to be a safer place these days relative to how it used to be.

Chin up.

Theland, //There is so much more, and YOU can investigate it all if you so wish//

Theland, I feel really blessed that I am not you. Merry Christmas!
I'll take a pint of Boa Constrictor and a half pint of Adder.

Please give chapter and verse for all these predictions. I'd like to check them for myself.
( And for heavens' sake, don't quote Nostradamus, who can't even be translated, let alone understood.)
Nostradamus predicted that his works would be hugely damaging if they were ever understood properly, which is why he made them so difficult to understand and interpret.
Theland //Consider also the freakish rise in gender identity issues. //

There have always been people with gender identity issues. They just had to hide in the past for fear of being killed or locked up because it was illegal or against the prevailing religious doctrine.

//No objective right or wrong only adds to the total breakdown. Objective morality has been replaced with subjective "feelings". //

You have that completely backwards. The acceptance of same sex attraction is based on objectively consistent and defensible principles. Previously we were forced to abide by the ignorant arbitrary prejudices of neolithic misogynists.

BTW The Australian Marriage Equality Bill passed into law today.
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My God, Theland, your life must be so empty.
The flip side of course is the millions upon millions who are willing to help their fellow human beings even if struggling themselves.
Theland, //no links//

If your claims really are supported by the bible, why no links? I wouldn’t have thought that beyond you – you knowing the bible so well and all that. Trundling around YouTube in search of opinions from people with an agenda to promote is no good to me.
// Just look ar end times prophecy, Israel prophecy, accuracy of bible prophecy. Loads of them//

Yep, done that, found them wanting. As you know Theland, I used to be a Christian, but then I started to question things. You know, by using the brain that nature gave to me. Try it sometime and free yourself from all this fear.
Theland //There is no going back. We cannot fix it. But we can put our heads in the sand and ignore it at least for a while. //

Exactly, burying your head in Biblical myths and waiting for the return of Jesus might help some ignore the problems of the world. But it certainly won't fix anything.
Religion sets the stage for the 'end times' which some choose to blindly follow, pointing to the result as proof while conveniently ignoring their contribution to the cause, refusing to consider anything that might lead to a brighter future.

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