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Hymie | 05:59 Sun 07th Jan 2024 | Society & Culture
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One poster on youtube wrote:-

For her to stand in church wearing a dog collar and preaching God’s word KNOWING what she did and allowing innocent people to go to prison is a disgrace. She needs a taste of prison life and the £millions she was paid should go towards compensation for the people she deliberately wronged.


Something everyone should agree with.;utm_medium=promotion&utm_source=homepage



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She is no longer a vicar, as far as I know she is no longer in any position within a company and it is my bet that she will take the easy option and surrender her CBE very soon

^^^yes, best to jump before she's pushed, an apology would be nice too.

Question Author

I really don’t know how the Post Office managed to get so many of their staff convicted of fraud/theft.


If someone stands up in court of law and swears on the bible that the computer software is infallible and cannot make an error – I will know that they are lying.


Had none of the jurors hearing the cases ever used a computer in their life?

Dare I ask.....Which Tory PM approved her CBE.?

Signed already, Hymie there are a couple of threads of this that you might find interesting.

Hymie: "For her to stand in church wearing a dog collar and preaching God’s word KNOWING what she did and allowing innocent people to go to prison is a disgrace. " - I know it beggars belief, so much for christian kindness.

Why is it so difficult to strip a person of their honour. It should be taken from her not that she be ASKED to give it back. Could she ever end up in a court of law being charged, the buck did stop with her after all?

It's not difficult but the will and intention needs to be there to go through the process. For the honour to be stripped the people that can do it need to want to do it then go through the procedure.

I think the petition should be to abolish the honours list completely. I agree with the petition but I never sign any petitions.

> Dare I ask.....Which Tory PM approved her CBE.?

That would have been Theresa May. As both Theresa May and Paula Vennells were public leaders,  women and with very religious convictions, it may have made sense. But that disregards the fact that, by 2019, loads of people, including MPs in the government at the time, knew what had been going on at the Post Office ... so that CBE (for services to the Post Office) was astonishing.


Tora Tora Tora: there seems very little political appetite to remove her CBE at the moment, maybe if the Horizon Scandal became a general election issue where anger amongst the UK people was so great that it could affect how people voted. 

11:12, behind the scenes they'll be looking at it. In an election year, if some popularity can be bought they'll not think twice about lobbing the witch to the wolves.

i dont know too much about it and havent seen the program, but i wondered if people who pled guilty (say, to avoid a prison sentence) get their convictions overturned?

bednobs, some have got their convictions overturned, the rest are still being processed.   It is highly likely they will all get their convictions overturned.  Those that have already have received £600k compensation

but what about the ones who pled guilty - can someone who has in effect admitted wrongdoing get a conviction overturned?

For all the huffery, puffery and hot air over the scandal it'll be a nine day wonder once the TV programme runs its course.

Our leaders, elders and betters have no desire to rock the boat which keeps them in comfort provided they play the game.

bednobs, watch the series.  Some of those that pleaded guilty have had their convictions overturned 

Let's face it, the whole gong system is corrupt, so why not ban it entirely.

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