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Hymie | 05:59 Sun 07th Jan 2024 | Society & Culture
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One poster on youtube wrote:-

For her to stand in church wearing a dog collar and preaching God’s word KNOWING what she did and allowing innocent people to go to prison is a disgrace. She needs a taste of prison life and the £millions she was paid should go towards compensation for the people she deliberately wronged.


Something everyone should agree with.;utm_medium=promotion&utm_source=homepage



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Douglas, things have been lying dormant .  From Wiki - the references check out 

On 18 May 2021, the UK government announced that it would put the inquiry into the Post Office scandal onto a statutory footing, enabling it to compel witnesses such as Vennells to testify and to demand access to all relevant documents.[42]

On 22 July 2021, the UK government said that it would make an interim payment of up to £100,000 in compensation to each of the subpostmasters affected in the scandal.[43] On 23 September 2023, the government announced that subpostmasters who have had their convictions on the basis of Horizon evidence overturned would be offered compensation of £600,000 in full and final settlement of their claim.[44]

//If someone stands up in court of law and swears on the bible that the computer software is infallible and cannot make an error – I will know that they are lying.//

I got the impression that the PO was/is able to investigate its own staff, then act as judge jury and executioner, I'm not sure that any of the accused were in a court with a jury at all.  It's only since the various investigations and enquiries have been held that anyone other than the PO has had a role!

A bit unfortunate that the truncated verion in Latest Posts comes out as "Sign the petition to strip Paula".

Click bait innit.

Nooo Hymie - she writes in real life and the prog " I have to be able to say that these accounts are inaccessible. Is there any possibility that they can be remotely accessed..."

and we know in the dwarma that they are not sealed  and CAN be accessed....

it shows to my mind that she thinks they are sealed and inaccessible and is seeking reassurance ( against the unthinkable)

and she is off ! ( let off any charge) she didnt know anything about it, and was lied to ....clearly not culpable.

when the cat was out of the bag ( the accounts can be changed) I was surprised that they stuck to ( the defensible) view:

there are bugs there but they didnt cause the losses claimed

"Sign the petition to strip Paula". Click bait innit.

someone is bound to get worked up about it

bednobs: "but what about the ones who pled guilty - can someone who has in effect admitted wrongdoing get a conviction overturned?" - Yes Jo Hamilton for example pleaded guilty to false accounting that was also quashed. It was accepted that in order to avoid jail she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge when offered that choice by the PO mob.

The tragedy is that there is no new information in the TV programme, not one iota. It was very well done, but all the information, the truth, was already there in the public domain. All the impetus to right wrongs, provide compensation, and made people and companies accountable ... it's great that it's happening now, but it should have been happening long before.

Without making it too political, as no parties look well, but for all intents and purposes the Post Office and the Government are the same thing, playing on the same side, in opposition to the sub-postmasters. It is good that the present Government is getting things done faster, and at the same time disgraceful for a TV programme to show something that was already known.

Question Author

What about the relatives of those who committed suicide as a direct result of the false Post Office prosecutions?


My bet is that their family/relatives will get BA.

Question Author

According to this BBC article, only 93 convictions have been overturned to date and 54 convictions have been upheld (and refused permission to appeal) or have withdrawn from the process – so there is no way all who were wrongly convicted will be compensated.


Given the total dishonesty of the Post Office, the only way I would have upheld a conviction was if the money they were supposed to have stolen was found in their pocket.

Question Author

Apparently 50 more victims have come forward following the airing of the ITV program – so there may be even more to come out of the woodwork, if they haven’t died in the meantime.

This youtube video from the Black Belt Barrister gives a very legal insight into the scandal.


I haven't read all the posts so apologies if I'm repeating something that has already been posted but according to BBC news tonight one million people have signed the petition.  

They say truth is stranger than fiction, and the recent drama is more than adequate proof of that.

If it had been a fictional drama, viewers would have sighed with relief at the end that it was only made up.

The horror is, it is real, and ongoing.

some of them entered a guilty plea to false accounting because the PO were threatening to prosecute them for more serious offences like theft.

The PO was doing its own private prosecutions, apparently because the state isn't that interested in pursuing them itself. And if the compensation scheme is working very slowly, perhaps it's because it's being handled in part by ... the PO.

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