Did God Use Evolution To Create Life?

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locusts | 17:11 Sat 29th May 2021 | Society & Culture
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Did God Use Evolution to Create Life? Has All Life Descended From a Common Ancestor? What does the evidence reveal? Does the evidence support the Bible’s description of events, or was Darwin correct? What have discoveries over the past 150 years revealed?


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If God exists then he/she must have a progenitor,or did God make him/her theirselves.What was there before God?I have read the book"The Commandant of Auswitchz"written by a nasty christian called Josef Kramer.Thousands of wee toddlers were murdered by the Nazis in their gas chambers.Where the hell was God then?
gawd elp us, so evolution is gods plan? right oh! keep that quiet me old china or your buddies will hang you up as a heathen!
ynna: Wrong question. The question is 'where was man?'.
You asking these for a bet? Five questions about the meaning of life? Suggest a strong sherry and a lie-down.
I am unsure why you pose these questions locusts.

You are not lkooking for answers, you have those already.

You are not looking for discussion - you rarely respond to any posts, and if you do it is with swathes cut and pasted from texts you like to feel back up your position.

So why do you post on here?
Are you genuinely interested in replies, Locusts? You're rattling off these multi-sectioned questions at a rate of knots.
1. Don't know. 2. Don't know. 3. N/A 4. N/A. 5. Don't know 6. A huge all encompassing query, perhaps needing narrowed down a little.
@18.43.No,friend,not man.The non-existent God did *** all for those wee toddlers in Auswitchz,Jesus Christ didnt do a lot either.Damn idiots like locusts for believing in their nonsense.
Never - // Are you genuinely interested in replies, Locusts? //

History indicates not.

I am sure that eventually regulars will simply cease to respond - shouting into a cave is not much fun at the best of times.
At least you get a response (of sorts) when shouting into a cave, Andy.
A wee bit angry about these God bothering idiots,Andy.The Eds or moderators are non existent on this site nowadays.
On what grounds do you expect the Mods to act? If you have reported the threads, what reasons did you give?
I'm curiously reminded by this, of a rap artist of about 20 years ago called MC Hawking. check him out (I can't link it, the lyrics, um, contain words ruder than "bottom").
fiveleaves; life was not necessarily created. Inert chemicals can form patterns which can engender other more complex patterns, and such patterns can start to evolve, in the sense that some of them are more viable than others and thus thrive. Once things start to thrive then evolution necessarily plays a part.
There is no evidence to support the Bible's description, since the Bible doesn't really have a description or theory, merely an assertion, one of many from ancient books including tortoises all the way down.
//Does the evidence support the Bible’s description of events//
There doesnt appear to be any Garden of Eden anywhere (Much less one that is garded by an angel throwing flaming swords around)
(The angel might have been drowned in the flood...who knows...but so would have the enchanted garden to be fair)

No magical trees have been found (tree of life or of knowledge)

No remains of a snake with vocal chords (or legs) have been found.

No man with his side missing has been found either.

Its a conundrum!

(No dinosaures that were apparently coequal with man have been found either.
Surely, according to the Genesis account, man shared his Garden with a T-Rex or two or a Diplodocus here and there. Maybe even a
Pterodactyl...might have even offered him the occasional piece of bread.

The Bible was a means of conveying explanations for the unknown to the masses - pure propoganda for the most part wrapped up with some current history, moral behaviour and an ethical code.....No more, no less. It served its purpose but is now largely redundant though some use it for the still-unexplainable.

We aren't there yet as recent science is suggesting that Einstein may have been close but not spot on as to his formulations.
//What does the evidence reveal? Does the evidence support the Bible’s description of events//

The Evidence far from supports the Bible's description of events.
(If you'd care to look at it, as I did)

Leaving a faith is not easy.
Some people dont get that.
@19.09.When i reported some kind of anti-semitic idiot and Nazi on this site it took about 3 hours before the Nazi was removed.Meanwhile i did a wee joke about Wee Burney and it took three seconds for my wee joke to be removed.
ynaf - // The Eds or moderators are non existent on this site nowadays. //

Clearly my responding to you proves that that is not actually the case.
God must have been desperate when Andy was created a moderator on here!

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Did God Use Evolution To Create Life?

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