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Whae's Next?

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Spungle | 10:56 Mon 29th Apr 2024 | News
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So Humza's backed his bags.  So who next in the hot seat?



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Lets hope its Kate Forbes and they will actually do some governing now.


Is her being socially conservative on marriage, sex, abortion and transgender issues likely to be a problem for her SNP colleagues and potential coalition parties?


Yes, she's actually young, popular and has values, so she isnt a fit for the SNP, but it would be a wise choice to select her as she could actually appeal to a wider audiencr than the independence-mad loons.  She is also an accountant so may even be able to get a grasp on the figures.

Oh dear, poor Hamas Yousaf, he'll be really missed I'm sure.

Well, if it's a rotation thing then a straight, white male is up next.

Ms Forbes may be a bit too close to the god botherers to be considered.

bring back wee Jimmy!

It's clear that this whole "parliament" business has been a massive failure. Reverse devolution and go back to Scotland etc being run by common sense.

//Lets hope its Kate Forbes//        but, but , but........................ she's ;

What an astonishing rant that is

Good gracious!  That is astonishing!

I didn't even listen. I wouldn't give him the time of day.

Nothing so became him in his political life as the leaving of it.

What an insecure wee man, adrift in a country overwhelmingly 




Cheerio now.

Reverse devolution and go back to Scotland etc being run by common sense

lol - by May, Johnson, Truss or Sunak. The Scots have dodged a lot of bullets recently...

The SNP along with Sinn Fein and Plaid Cymru are left wing parties, whereas English Nationalism is full of right wing knuckledraggers of the Tommy Robinson kind. Anybody know why this is the case?

Anyway wanted Kate Forbes to win last time around. She is a Christian. Will the SNP elect a Christian as their leader? Not sure

Whae cares?

God there IS a Humza thread amidst all the guff about Neil Diamond, radioactive fluffies and the usual

Three prime ministers in three years

The Beeb fluffies - desperate to create a storm - are telling us the  impetus towards independence is as strong as ever


what - the political chaos norrrrrth of the borrrrrder can only be cured by MORE independence. They have shown that none of them can govern havent they?

The electoral system was designed not to give an absolute majority to anyone party and that this would cause them to negotiate coalesce - in a sort of kissy kissy northern way

some hope ( W S Churchill)

Didnt have you down as an anti-nationalism,anti-SNP type.But welcome to the cause anyway.

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Whae's Next?

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