Tv Tory Leadership Debate.

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Atheist | 20:14 Sun 16th Jun 2019 | Society & Culture
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I was heartened to see that the studio audience seemed to give most applause to Rory Stuart. I thought they were bored with the old guard and more enthusiastic about someone with a more reasoned and moderate approach.


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I didn't see it but gather that the shoo-in was a no-show.

Some might say he's not up to it.
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Might help if you saw it. Helps to form an opinion if you know the data.
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Where's all the right-wingers tonight? Busy watching breitbart?
Where was Worzel ?
He made a couple of slip-ups imo but on the whole sounded even more impressive. Especially when he didn't quite go for the "My biggest weakness is that I care too much" approach, but something far more humble.

I still can't see him winning, and even then who knows what he would be like as a PM anyway? But at least he's bringing something different and pragmatic to the debate.
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I get the feeling that the right wing ABers didn't watch this - perhaps they think it's too 'main-stream media'. Pity.
Interesting that Boris proved even a bigger coward than Donald.
Sajid for me.
Doesn't matter what the studio audience thought though, does it. They don't get a say in who gets the job. I caught a bit of it by accident and all i saw was Gove talking over Raab as he tried to get a point across.
Rory Stuart is possibly the brightest of the bunch, but a Remainer. So if he became PM he'd keep us in.

But then most of the others are liars, so they probably will too.
PS: didn't know it was on TV, therefore I've missed the master debate by accident rather than by design.

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Tv Tory Leadership Debate.

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