How Would You Feel If The World Villified You Even Though You Are An Innocent Person?

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kaththisuresh | 11:19 Tue 18th Jun 2019 | Society & Culture
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How would you feel if wherever you go,this world keeps giving you nothing but pain.Oh and this world seems like a dog eat dog world.


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In what way do you feel vilified? And what do you feel innocent of that you feel you are being accused of ?
happens quite lot
I mean look at President Trump .....

in the fifties in england, a patient who was drunk skipped down the road from the pub in Little Mucking shouting ; Dr Pedant is an abortionist !
kept tongues wagging in the area Little Mucking, Greater Mucking and thereabouts for weeks.

fifty years later all people say is 'oh'
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@Rosie29 I'm going through a very rough patch in life.I need help from my parents which they aren't giving me.Everytime I ask for that they keep vilifying me.I can't function due to that problem.I joined just today but I dont want to type out that problem in this forum.If I can private message you about my problem that would be good.
Yes - point taken PP but Dr Pedant would still feel pretty awfuĺ .

kaththisuresh without mentioning your exact age, roughly how old are you? 0-10, 11-16, 17-21, 21+ ?
Kath, there's no 'private message' function on AB.
PS I hope your troubles, problems, are resolved soon.
kath I think you should be seeking help nearer home rather than here - perhaps speaking to someone at school ....
I'm very sorry Kath - I am not able to do that. I wonder if you have a close friend or relative you can confide in. It sounds as if you are quite low in your spirits. Have you thought of chatting to your doctor ?
I do wish you well and that you get some help x
The trick is to have confidence in yourself not to worry about what others think. If you are sure that you did nothing wrong, but people think you have, then hold your head high, and find better company.

You get to a certain age where other peoples opinions (even the parents) matter very little.
A good answer spàth.
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@Rosie29 I tried asking my relatives for help but my family is pretty,I should say orthodox.I tried running away from home by booking a train ticket to another state but my family caught me.And,many times,I asked people in yahoo answers for help but even though I asked them anonymously they made fun of me and my problem.Anyways,thanks for your wishes.
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@Rosie29 I would say my problem out here,but only if nobody laughs at it or is mean.

Ok, we promise to be nice.
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And you wont't judge me?

Not our place to judge you.
I don't think trying to run away from home is the correct approach. You don't want to burn any bridges with the family that support you physically (with a roof over your head and food etc..)

When i was younger, i was a bit of a conspiracy theorist, my family always mocked me, subtly laughed me down.. at the time i took this to heart, now i'm a bit older i realise the position they were comign from.

I'm not sure what ur specific situation is.. But maybe try to understand that your parents are trying to look out for you, and if you're under the age of 18 try to understand that they probably know best. (But they might not at the same time)

I'm sure they just want what they feel is best for you.

Is your family religious or do they try to make you do things you don't want to?
To answer your question, I would, of course, want to crawl into a hole and die somewhere - but that is definitely not the answer, as you will learn as you go through life. You are young, you need to work with your family as far as possible. Spath. has given you some good advice. The trick is to turn your mind around; just consider the things that make you 'you', all the good bits, all the things you can do. the talents you have. Running away isn't usually the answer unless you are in a dangerous position and directly threatened. I think that, as someone suggested, a visit to your doctor would be a positive action...…… and the world is full of good people doing good things, you just can't see it at the moment. :)
You are anonymous here. Should be little reason not to risk asking for advice, if you can take it without rejecting it out of hand; even if it isn't the response you hope for.
Kath.. you dont know us, I can understand your reluctance to tell us your problem. We are a friendly and understanding community who won't mock you or ridicule you. Many of us have turned to the others in times of crisis in our lives and it has helped.
I can empathize entirely where you are coming from. I have suffered from bullies both at home and at school for much of my childhood just for being different. This has led to severe Social Anxiety issues and panic attacks which still affect me today. Talking to others about my problems has helped, listening to the problems of others like yourself and being able to assist has helped.
You never know, we might be able to help you..
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How Would You Feel If The World Villified You Even Though You Are An Innocent Person?

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