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spathiphyllum | 16:44 Thu 13th Jun 2019 | Society & Culture
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So, we're in the age of the easily offended.

However, why do people think they have some kind of right to not be offended? And also, why do people assume, because they are offended, some kind of action must then follow?

Regarding the exam question about calories, if anyone said they were offended, i'd look them in the eye and say, "So what?" "What do you want me to do about it?".

It's not a humans right to float through life having a happy, blissful, uncompromised life.

I say to you, if you're offended, especially if you're the only one.. Do try to just get over it.


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As someone said earlier about themselves I'm not really offended by anything. I might hear or see stuff I find stupid, insensitive or ill advised but I can't imagine actually feeling offended or what the point would be. In fact I wonder what it even means. Even with direct insults it will only potentially bother me if it's made by someone who matters such as a...
11:45 Fri 14th Jun 2019
Well said spath - nothing to add to that.
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Thankyou Rosie.

I don't want my society to become so arrogant that we feel we're entitled to not be offended over things. I know most on here don't get easily offended, and for that i praise the lord because if you can't throw some weight on AB then where can you... well, evidently not many places.

My theory about being easily offended is that such persons were mollycoddled when they were children. They usually got their own way, they were allowed to choose - in supermarkets - what cereal the family should have, parents tried to be friends with them, nobody criticized them. That kind of upbringing perhaps encouraged them to feel that they should not be offended in any way, because it hurt! and they could not handle anything that smacked of criticism.
No-one on this site gets more offended on behalf of others than you do, spath.
So, what are you going on about now?
it's become like a recreational outrage, people looking for things to be upset about.
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Yes Bookbinder, that probably contributes to it. Certainly an upbringing could contribute to the obscurity. Maybe something single children experience more?

No question it's impossible to go through life and not be offended at anything.. However, it's how you act on that. A normal person will get on with their life, someone who is rather arrogant may go out of their way to make sure the fact they were offended is reconciled.

For example, i was driving up an A road, and a person was urinating INTO the road. Not from the road onto the pasture, but urinating into the road.

He was a passenger, so i assumed he was drunk. But I and the Ms saw his shrivelled little penis.

This offended me. It was not something i wanted to see, and certainly wasn't something i wanted the Ms to see.

Did i do anything about it? No. Why would i!?
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"No-one on this site gets more offended on behalf of others than you do, spath.

Thank god, seems i couldn't put up with myself! Glad there aren't two of me.

However, being offended on someones behalf, is a lot more appropriate than being offended for myself, and only myself in some arrogant fashion.
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It really is Fender.. Maybe people are bored?
Being offended on behalf of someone else is arrogant in the extreme.
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No, i don’t agree. I get offended over racism, and hate crimes. I’m rarely offended over someone being insulted, abused or slandered.
The article in The Times that somebody provided a link to yesterday provided no evidence that anybody was offended beyond a reference to an anonymous social media post about the poster's sister saying she had walked out.

It seems to me that more people were offended by the prospect of somebody being offended than by the exam question itself.

Critical thinking. It's not difficult.
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There are many more situations recently, especially that i see daily in the flesh where someone has been offended to the point of hysteria
IF, Boris Johnson is our next PM , Then I will be be very very offended.
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Don’t be Gul, it’s out of our hands, unfortunately. vote when you can
If Boris Johnson is our next PM, I will be delighted !
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Perhaps to opt to try to offend someone is considered impolite.
If society is to have good manners and have concern for others some agreement needs to be reached as to what is acceptable and what not.

spath @ 1758, slander is verbal, how would we know about unless we were there?
\\No, i don’t agree. I get offended over racism, and hate crimes. I’m rarely offended over someone being insulted, abused or slandered.// 17:58

what like seeing a black person, the letter M and thinking of monkey.
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I mean.. kind of. I was more offended that the image got deemed as racist, so i saw racism in it in the only way i could

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