New Year What?

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Theland | 22:49 Sun 30th Dec 2018 | Society & Culture
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What do you hope for in 2019?

But, what do you actually expect in 2019?

My answers will be later after reading any responses.


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Having had a terrible year this year and getting older of xourse...I hope for better things for us all. However, being a realist I know it ain't gonna happen....this is IMO THE HELL and it will never improve with humans inhabiting it. Sorry but you did ask lol.
this counds like the awful Nameless 14

are you going to have an awful new year and why?

No I am looking for survival for 2019
that would be my survival
and sufficient mobility that I can go for a holiday
sorry to hear it dunnittall
hope 2019 gets better for you
I expect it to be very little different from this year.

Not too bothered about Christmas tbh,
Always look forward to New Year though, so for 2019 my/our biggest wish is improved health for Kate, continued good health for myself as second oldest in the household, and the continuation of our pleasant Seaside Lifestyle for us all.
For my Family I wish continued success, for myself I wish to keep waking each day and not lose any more vision.

To everyone else, I hope 2019 is a good one for you and yours.
I hate all the fuss made about New Years. If I had my way I’d crawl into bed at 10pm with a good book and wake up the next day hoping everything was just the same as before and glad my hangover was a lot lighter than everyone else’s.
Before going off to the Palace to collect my award for services to Boring Bastarddom
Same as every year i.e. the inexorable quest for a bigger tadger and a suitcase full of used £20 pound notes.

Isn’t that what all men want?
Question Author
I too share personal and family hopes and fears regarding health, financial security, personal peace and a new grandson in February.

Thank you for your responses so far.

But, I am interested in a more national and global perspective, how our society will be better or worse and fulfilling your hopes and fears?
no I root for World Peace .....

Here comes the Agenda................
// I am interested in a more national and global perspective,//

oh world peace then deffo
I'm not qualified to predict the bigger picture.
Question Author
I'm working on it!
It will bring what it brings. Like ichkeria, I too hate all the fuss made over New Year. Today's Monday, tomorrow will be Tuesday. That's it.
Morning Theland.
Harmony between my daughter and her X
It's going to be a long road.
this has been an awful year again so I hope 2019 gives my family a break from trauma and sadness and my son gets off drugs again before it finishes him x
mally, I wish that for you and can tell you that miracles do happen! Even after years of neglect and when you think all hope is gone. I can tell you this has happened recently for our family x
aw've had a time of it ...hopefully things will improve for you all xx
Eleena are you referring to my son ,I hope a miracle happens for him but at the moment things are very bad and he keeps threatening to finish it saying he has no life and he can't fight anymore ,it is breaking my heart x

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