New Year What?

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Theland | 21:49 Sun 30th Dec 2018 | Society & Culture
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What do you hope for in 2019?

But, what do you actually expect in 2019?

My answers will be later after reading any responses.


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World peace and an end to this brexit fiasco
mally... you can only do what you can do...please do not beat yourself have had so much to contend with in recent times.... xx
^Is that what you hope for or what you actually expect?
I expect it will be like every year... Partly containing sorrow partly containing joy. It be how it do.
^That to Rockrose.
Hi Theland. I doubt any single person here has the wherewithal to make an impact on the more global picture.

However, if individuals are more content, healthy, happy etc. then I hope and pray that will reflect in what each nation can do towards the better world we surely all should seek.

One can but try.
I hope for a better year and the ability to just draw a line and live my life without the worry and concern about situations I can't control...
Yes Mally,
I hope he finds inner strength from somewhere x
Well the question was what do you hope for!!
A cliche, I know, but health and happiness.
Rochrose, and the second question was //But, what do you actually expect in 2019? //
Well I expect the world will not find peace due to extremism and facists and as for Brexit I expect that to plunge the UK so far down the well it will struggle to get out again
The tragedy of Brexit will be that the changes will be very slow: the true impact may not be felt for years.
Oh RR you disappointed me, I had got almost to the end before the dreaded B-word raised its ugly head!

I hope we can all have a happy 2019 and our concerns re family, health etc. are resolved.
On the strength of what Theland asked for at 22.06 avoiding B***** is almost impossible I’d have thought
Regime change in Iran.

An end to compulsory hijab for women.

Western women and AB women to shut up with the 'hijab is a choice made by women' nonsense.
I would like to wish all those able bodied motorists,who have great difficulty finding a vacant parking bay,and so ,are FORCED to occupy a disabled only bay..a Happy New Year!!
Hope to get my new knee by March and be well on the way to recovery (if not fully recovered) by the summer.

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