How Do Receive A Knighthood

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Pudcat | 18:13 Sat 29th Dec 2018 | Society & Culture
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Can you claim a one even if you are not entitled to one


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On bended knee normally:-)
You kneel down in front of the queen and she taps you on the shoulders with a metal pointy thing...easy really.
.....then HM says arise Sir TTT, well she did in my case.
It seems to be easier to buy a knighthood than a night-cap nowadays.
Yes, you can ask for one - insist, if you must. The sword is then used in a different way ...with a bit more force.
Good heavens, Mamy, I didn't realise people still wore them!!
Sometimes thought they'd be useful, usually during that October period when one is determined not to put the heating on until November.

As for knighthoods, I thought that the best bet was to ask the party leaders how much financial support their party needs. Is that not so ? Otherwise, join the civil service and network like crazy ?

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How Do Receive A Knighthood

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