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Jesus H Christ! You Would Not Believe What The Missus And Her Friends Believe

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Captaincrunch | 14:58 Sat 08th Dec 2012 | People & Places
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She's got a few friends around and they've started on the wine and when this particular bunch get together i keep my distance as i have things to do today and one of them have the impressive knack of saying something so ridiculous i then spend the rest of the day, afternoon and night arguing and trying to reason with them even though the facts are heavily against them.

I had just cracked open a beer and was saying hello and enquiring about one of their husbands when i caught wind of a mini conversation going on with a small group within the group.

A lady i'll call tracey said something like you can tell when a womans a slapper because loose women ALWAYS sit with their legs apart like a man and virtuous women always sit with their legs together"

I honestly choked on my beer when i heard that and stifled a laughter as i beat my chest as i was seriously gasping for air as the beer went down the wrong way. I checked all the ladies and funnily enough all of them were sitting with their legs together, but earlier i'm pretty sure they nearly all had their legs apart.

Anyway i made my excuses and went to the garage where i could listen to the rest of her nuggets of a gem regarding this.

Do you think there's any truth in this? If you're going out tonight and you know about certain womens history and see if there's any truth to this far fetched or perhaps not theory.

My missus and her friends honestly surprise me with the amount of crap they come out with sometimes.

Personally i'm off to the pub to tell the lads about this latest episode and whilst i'm there will have a look around the pub at the local faces and see what percentage is true or not. Have a nice day if you can contain your laughter.


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how could there possibly be any truth to it?
What about bow legged nuns? Some people just don't think things through.
My great aunt evelyn always sat with her legs apart and you could see the legs of her white knee length bloomers, but she was from Todmorden and they all sit like that, male, female or other.
I do look forward to your posts, Cap'n. :)
Nonsense- but I do remember being told as a youngster to sit with knees together. I guess it was considered more 'lady-like'.
This may have had some truth in ye olden days when it was unusual for a woman to wear trousers, but from now on I shall not be able to see a sitting woman without noting the position of her pegs.

Thanks a lot CaptainCrutch...... NOT !
and yes, ^ (sic)
Captain, I have to say that this is exactly what my mother told me when I was a child - nice ladies keep their legs together, tarts have the goods on display.
and the nuns said never wear patent leather shoes
To be perceived as feminine, one must keep their legs close together - thats what i was told!
not only the nuns, sloopy, I was at a co-ed secondary school and the same uniform rule applied.
;0) boxy

or sit on a man's lap, unspecified woe in the harlotry stakes
especially if you didn't know him, sloopy :-)
no, i sit with my legs apart because of bad hips. Unfortunately the bad hips also ensure im pretty virtuous
count how many women in the pub have their knees together
women in pubs will, by definition, not have their knees together

and are most probably drinking pints
I don't think Jesus H Christ made any pronouncements about women's knees.
maybe legs apart is a subconscious sign to let blokes know you are available? Come and 'ave a go if you think you're 'ard enough!
When I was a lad in the sixties and minis were in fashion ,there was always something winking at you, crossed or not.


Owd, that's why we used to wear two pairs of pants - one under the tights, and one over :-)

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Jesus H Christ! You Would Not Believe What The Missus And Her Friends Believe

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