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Bob906 | 15:13 Mon 29th Oct 2012 | People & Places
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Can anyone help please, my mobile phone does not automatically adjust itself for daylight saving even though it is set to do so, so i have to do it manually.
We set our time to GMT at the Time Zone so do i set the daylight saving time to +1.
It is so confusing because my text messages are timed coming in 1 hour ahead, i have messed about with my phone that much that i feel like binning it sometimes.

Thanks in advance of any replies


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We are presently on GMT so my guess would be, no.

If it is set to auto change one wonders where it gets it's 'change now' information from if it is reading the wrong time. But maybe that is because you have set it to +1 at the moment ?
I go into Settings, then Time and Date, scroll down to the tme and change it
Then press the Save prompt

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Daylight Saving Times

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