Do You Think The Vaccine Will Affect Your Lungs?

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EmilyAdkins1 | 13:21 Tue 02nd Mar 2021 | Science
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Since the virus affects your lungs if the vaccine goes to fight it near your lungs do you think your lungs could be affected. I am worried about people who don’t have strong lungs or something wrong with their lungs that they could get hurt if the vaccine does something to their lungs. I’m just wondering if it could be potentially dangerous to let an older person or someone with weak or diseased lungs to take the vaccine


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The vaccines don’t fight the illness they fight the virus. Which isn’t the same thing.
More than that I cannot say.
Someone who knows more can advise better
No reason why it should, one thing is known is that the virus can affect them. I am still suffering from breathlessness a year after what I am sure was the virus. If the vaccine had been available a year ago I might not have struggled for 12 months, with no end in sight. I had the first dose last week.
//////I’m just wondering if it could be potentially dangerous to let an older person or someone with weak or diseased lungs to take the vaccine/////

No it wouldn't.
More dangerous not to let them perhaps. Once the disease infects your lungs then it’s too late for the vaccine.
My lungs are terrible, but I’ve had the vaccine and am fine. Better than getting Covid, which would probably kill me. After all, ordinary flu affects people with lung conditions, so I have a flu jab every year and I have had a Bird flu jab as well. Vaccines are there to protect you and they do a great job.
if this had been a problem, don't you think it would have shown up by now among the millions of people of all ages and states of health who have had the vaccine?
Is this something you got off the internet?
Which would you choose vaccine or Covid?
No idea where some people conjure these questions from
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Uhm no but I can’t really use my tv rn. Because somehow it fell off the wall ( I have one that was hooked up to the wall) my stupid self tried to put it up myself and me and my siblings were watching it on the couch when it just fell and shattered so. I’ll have it put up by someone else next time. The whole point of that story was to tell you that I haven’t been watching news and also I don’t really search up Covid vaccines (also my friends don’t keep me updated) so I really didn’t want any of this to sound stupid.
I know it cant be
as in know
as for facts
they have given it to 14 m without one person dying on the end of the syringe. unsafe?ya gorda be joking
I think it is perfect logic

covid kills people with bad lungs - so dont vaccinate them which is known NOT to affect their lungs and then if they go on and get covid they - - - er die

mainstream AB I say
It wasn't a stupid question Emily. Many people are unsure how vaccines work; there's a lot of ignorance and misinformation about. Keep asking your questions, there are sufficient knowledgeable people on this site to give you a sensible answer.
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Thank you Karolina82 I was beginning to think I was being stupid
Emily, I have severe COPD and had the vaccine three weeks ago and it has made no difference to my breathing.
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Thank you all I was just really worried because my grandfather is going to get it and I was very worried that he would get hurt because he’s had a lot of lung problems
In very, very simplistic terms, as I understand it a non-live vaccine (like the Covid one) is a set of instructions to the recipient's immune system as to how to fight the virus. It does not infect the recipient with the virus.
Thank you to EmilyAdkins and others for asking this question ,it was just the question I was looking for . I am getting my jag on Thursday and am getting a bit nervous about it. I am trying hard not to worry but reading the side effects on one site said something about breathing problems , that has not helped so I was looking to be reassured as some days I am gasping for breath even with oxygen , nebuliser etc. So sometimes there is no such thing as a silly question :)
you're getting a new car bodeker?
Tora Tora Tora :)
I had my first Moderna jab this morning; the jab takes 2 seconds but the procedure was mind-numbingly long & tedious, I think they were working on the well-established German principle; ' Why have it simple, when you can make it complicated?'

It involved at least 6 sheets of paper & tickets in 5 rooms over a 2 hour period, is it so in the UK I wonder ?
Khandro - I parked my car about 100 yards from the vaccination centre and walked there with my wife to have her jab. I left her in the queue and walked back to the car; within 2 or 3 minutes she was back with me. My own jab, at the same centre a few weeks before, was less than 10 minutes including queuing.

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