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I agree. Amazing!
Rubbish! There's not a little green man in sight anywhere!

I agree - but I don't know why my similar submission the other day has been removed from Ab. I hope yours receives more consideration.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if some furry little creature came sniffing round the rover.
Canary, do you mean this reply from last night?
Amazingly clear images, doesn't the rover also have microphones?

Has there been any sound back yet?
Excellent pictures.
Question Author
yes they played some sound on the news the other night.
Oh thanks, I'll listen out.
Question Author
This is what they heard....
Incredible pictures
It was Yungblud's cover.

Just a pile of rocks & dust, there are far better sites in Wales.
Thanks Tora.
An entire planet, and not a living thing on it! That's what I am surprised by!
I guarantee they won't find life or any evidence that there was once life!
Maybe some amino acids, which will be hailed as the building blocks of life, which they are, but there's tons of the stuff all over the place. Its not a rarity.

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Some Amazing Pictures From Mars.......

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