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haras2 | 17:38 Sun 20th Sep 2020 | Science
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Happy 58th birthday Professor and thankyou for your excellent radio 4 programme A life Scientific and brilliant TV documentaries
Long may they continue !


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Seconded! :-)
One of the best popularisers of science.
Very gifted, excellent communicator.
Didn't realise he was an ABer. What's his handle ?
He is an excellent broadcaster.
He goes by Goodlife, OG, to throw stalkers off the scent.
excellent look back programs

but doesnt explain the fall of arab science not the chaos at present in some islamic universities

he did his first degree at Baghdad and dwells on the past glories and not the current chaos ( like in Pakistan they were hanging the bomb making nuclear scientists if they were the wrong religion (ahmediyya) )

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Jim Al-Khalili

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