Why Don't Adults Fall Out Of Bed?

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bednobs | 20:50 Tue 15th Sep 2020 | Science
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I was musing last night. How do we learn not to splat onto the floor?


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Perhaps we don’t move around a lot. I find I’m in much the same position when I wake up as when I went to sleep.
If you do you move around a lot there’s an innate sense of getting too close to the edge, so you move inwards. I think.
It would seem we learn it by actually splatting on the floor.

My 2 1/2 year old Grandson has just gone through the phase. We put a quilt on the floor to soften it a bit.
I can only answer for men. :-)
I`ve slid of the side of the bed and landed on the floor before now.
Adults do fall out of bed, especially the elderly. That's why care beds are often fitted with barriers.
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So what makes those people unlearn?
No idea what the correct answer is however....

My husb fell out a bunk bed n carried on sleeping .... granted he was *** as a Fart tho.
I fell out of bed once, my Husband's voice awoke me with 'What are you doing down there?' - 'More to the point,what are you doing up there?' I replied.

He passed me a pillow and went back to sleep.
I once heard that male residents of care homes are given a cup of Horlicks and a Viagra every night.
The Horlicks helps them sleep and the Viagra stops them rolling out of bed :)
unless you sleep straight as a die, you're not going to fall out of bed all at once. If my knees or feet feel open space under them, they alert the rest of me.
I used to sleep in the bunks down the back of a 747. Christ knows how I didn't fall 5 feet on to the floor during turbulence. The seat belt which I had across my middle was the only thing that stopped me hitting the ceiling. Happy days.
Practice .
When the things were little (and I was an utter zombie) I woke up on the floor - must have budged over to make room for them, fallen out of bed and just continued to sleep.
I fell out of bed once - got up and went home to the wife

The mistress wasn't best pleased about leaving in the middle of the night
Much of the time, while asleep, your muscles are frozen. Not something that needs to be learnt. Evolution, those that didn't have that fell out of their tree, broke their neck, so removed themselves from the gene pool.

When you do unfreeze you aren't likely to move much, just lie one side, or the other, or on your back. (Particularly masochist folk might opt for being on their front in order to switch between having a crick in their neck, or near suffocating themselves in their pillow.)
Prisoners seem to manage it.
The best solution for anyone not to splat onto the floor is installing bed rails. Bed rails can keep you from falling. Rails can also help you to adjust your position in the bed while lying down.

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Why Don't Adults Fall Out Of Bed?

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