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sounds like Tony Blackburn to me
David Ike.

They're already here.
If the aliens are coming, they may take a while to get here as the scientists have "tracked the bursts down to a faint dwarf galaxy more than three billion light years away"
Question Author
/// If the aliens are coming, they may take a while to get here ///

Depends on how fast they can travel ;-)
Surfing the waves?
The aliens are already amongst us and growing in number by each passing day...Mark my words. (Insert some eerie music here.)
Not just one set of aliens, they're coming from all over the place!
Whoosh ......
who's the whooshee?
Who knows? ....
Perhaps the shadow knows.

What a load of ballcocks.
Are they plumbers?
Baldric, oh do stop being an old misog, there's a good chap, It's not often that the AnswerBank ventures into the realms of the Twilight Zone. Oh... hang on...

Sorry to jest, Canary. I really do take this subject seriously.
All I know is that we didn't have this problem with Ken Bruce at the helm.
Trevor Nelson rocks up with his 'shaht aht' garbage having mangled Pop Master and the galaxy goes to boggery.
Feltz does nobody any favours either, not even Vacuous Vine.
I hope they have applied for visas otherwise detention camps for them.
Been here ages I married one 20 years ago
I went to read the link in the OP and got this:
"Before you continue...

Yahoo is now part of the Oath family"
Now that certainly alienated me...There's no way I'm going to sign a bloody oath.
The number of possible explanations for FRB is approximately equal to the number of papers written about them, so clearly it's one of the few times when "we just don't know" is the completely accurate answer.

Still, if I had to pick an explanation, then I'd go for something more along the lines of magnetars (neutron stars with exceptionally strong magnetic fields).
nothing about signing in blood, sanmac, blue-black ink is preferred.

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