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Clue Chain 5

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miser | 07:29 Tue 28th May 2024 | Crosswords
1315 Answers

The idea of the game is that the setter poses an original home made clue which everybody is invited to solve. The poster who solves the clue first (hopefully identified by the setter) is then invited to post their own original clue. 

New contributors are very welcome

Criminal brutality? Anyhow there's no way out! (9)



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(Richard Gere)


I'm going to hazard a guess I'm right so,

Animal that can follow a direction (5)


That sounds correct Patsy

Journey swap for safety feature? (4,7)

Question Author

trip switch (4,6)??

Yes miser! 😁 

Question Author

Worker lost in Trabant crash, reportedly worst German banger (9)





bratwurst (sausage)

Question Author

Yes, elliemay

^ remove 'ant' from Trabant, anagram plus 'wurst' sounds like 'worst'

Thank you miser

  Looks as if a late Prince mopes for a country ( 11)

Philippines ?

Yes mallyh

two girls meet at  the joint 7

? Patella

yes Hazlinny x

Thanks 😊      Are white creatures on water in this theatre production?  (4, 4)

Swan Lake 

Yes Dusty 😊

41 to 60 of 1315rss feed

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Clue Chain 5

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