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Clue Chain

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miser | 09:17 Tue 23rd Jan 2024 | Crosswords
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Many years ago on another forum I started a game I called CLUE CHAIN. The idea is that the setter poses an original home made clue which everybody is invited to solve. The poster who solves the clue first (hopefully identified by the setter) is then invited to post their own original clue. If anybody is interested in playing my clue is

Bear opening church? (7)





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Correct, mallyh - would you like to post your home-made clue to continue the chain?

Little Robert kills this sport 


yes x

Thanks Mallyh - my clue

Hobbles as the aircraft dropped a bomb by the school (5)

i have an answer  beginning with the 12th letter but hoping others will join in x

Please give it then Mallyh. I am wanting to go to the shops but am hanging on, until someone answers, so that the chain doesn't stall. Many thanks!

limps .....drop the j ager bomb and et from limpet 

i may be way off x


Anger after sailor is cross.

Correct - drop the B(omb) from B(limp) and add S(chool)

Thanks Mallyh

and Davebro3!

I have your answer davebro3, but I had better leave it until shopping completed!

Question Author


Question Author

Chicken unusually served in soups (7)


Question Author

Yes, your go, writesbad

Jug of water (6,4)

(I must admit I borrowed this from The Times...)

prison ship ?

Yes, well done Mallyh

over to you...

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