Circuit Training

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marval | 19:13 Thu 20th Jun 2019 | Jokes
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I have been circuit training for three weeks now, and I still don’t know what a diode is.

A hypnotist put me in a trance where I thought I was playing a never ending game of cards. Fortunately, I managed to snap out of it.

I see they have blocked the Internet in Egypt. No more online pyramid schemes then.

My partner made me a cup of tea. It’s the most ridiculous fancy dress costume I have ever seen.

I have just borrowed ten grand from a loan shark, I am not too worried about paying it back though, as long as I stay away from the Aquarium.

I have just bought a peak performance watch. Turns out it only works at the top of Everest.

I travel around fair grounds and tell the owners when their coconut stalls are getting too old. I am the shy retiring type.

When I woke up this morning I felt like one of Mozart’s symphonies. I was alright though, once I had composed myself.

I was on my way to the West end on the tube and I accidently dropped my purse containing both my Oyster card and musical tickets. Some cheeky lady tried to pick it up and slip it in her pocket. I said “Hey, that’s my fare lady!”

Audi are releasing a new car specifically for the American market. It is called the “Audi Doody”.


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Shall I get your coat or will you ??
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It is alright, i will get my own.
Audi manage to find all these puns, Marval? Lol..

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Circuit Training

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