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marval | 18:29 Tue 11th Jun 2019 | Jokes
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People often ask me whether I enjoy working with seafood. I tell them it is good fun but I am rather accident prawn.

I lied to my friends and told them I had created a life-size replica of Jackie Chan entirely out of old silk ties. It is a complete fabric Asian.

Just found a note on my desk saying”wooooooooOOOooooOOOoooooo” Must be from my ghost writer.

I just attacked a policeman with a flower it was a fragrant disregard for the law

I had a terrible first day running my new shop, the stock flew off the shelves. I should probably get bird cages for my pet shop.

My local golf shop is selling all its stock to stay in business. The putters, the drivers and the irons are all gone, but they are not out of the woods yet.

I have just registered with a new woman dentist in our town, but I am bit unsure if I should visit her. Her name is Dee Kay.

I got a message on my mobile about the future. It was predictive texting.

I have just got a job promotion to restaurant manager. I have been waiting for ages to get that job.

I was trying to think of a name for a band and all I could come up with was ‘The Telephones’. I thought it had a nice ring to it.


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Thanks for sharing the seafood joke, not to do so would have been shellfish ;-)
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I thought why should I clam up.
Thanks for 'putting' the golf joke up, Marval!

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