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marval | 19:04 Wed 17th Apr 2019 | Jokes
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A man limped into a hospital to have his foot X-rayed, and was asked to wait for the results.

Some time later an orderly appeared and handed the man a large pill.

Just then a mother with a small child in need of immediate attention entered.

After the orderly disappeared with the new patient, the man hobbled over to get a glass of water, swallowed the pill, and sat down to wait.

Some time later the orderly reappeared carrying a bucket of water.

"Okay," he said, "Just drop the pill in this bucket and soak your foot for a while."


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That made him pail I bet. Go private and foot the bill.
That orderly bloke sounds a bit of an heel to me.
Did it make the balls of his feet swell?

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