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So that's OK then

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McMouse | 11:28 Mon 21st Jun 2010 | News
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The former prime minister's wife, who sits as a judge as Cherie Booth QC, told Shamso Miah that she would suspend his prison sentence because he was a "religious man".

Miah, a devout Muslim, had been convicted of breaking a man's jaw with two punches after a dispute in a bank queue in East Ham, London. The 25-year-old had gone to the bank from a local mosque.


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Sorry but I have to ask the age old "Do you have a link"?
This is quite some while ago and was discussed on AB at the time...............there'll be a link somewhere.
where was this reported? in the SUN? or some other tabloid?
No real surprise there, just the usual preferential traetment minority groups get in this soft country

If it was a devout Christian would he have been let off as lightly?

You do the math
I seriously don't believe that this person was let off from a Gbh charge just because he was religious. Maybe there's more to this story.
Is this a "best of" post?

Thought this happened 6 months ago

Cheers jake for the link.
great news for us clergy then eh? As head of the COTLG I welcome the WWW's utterences!
Oh I see why it's news now

They've finished an inquiry

Decision was that it didn't amout to misconduct but that the complaint was "partially substatiated" and she will recieve "informal advice" code for a dressing down


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So that's OK then

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