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The budget

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sherminator | 09:41 Mon 21st Jun 2010 | News
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Anyone wanna make any predictions for tomorrows budget?
Mine is CGT at 40%
and personal allowance to be reduced. Reinstatement of taper relief.
fuel, cigs and alcohol to be hammered again!


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I'd imagine it'll be all about 75% as bad as predicted

A common politician's trick is to leak a how dreadfull something will be and then when it's not quite so bad everyone thinks they've got off lightly
You can bet whatever is proposed it will hit 'the man in the street' the hardest.

Not sure about that Jem

Pretty sure the "man in the street" will think he's been hit hardest though - he always does.

If CGT goes up that's hardly a Man in the Street Tax - less than 1% of us pay that
Probably the biggest for 'the man on the street' will be a VAT rise. But then who will notice a couple of pence that will undoubtedly be initially absorbed by business ?

Middle England will bear the brunt would be my guess. No one else has anything.
There are no secrets in government now. When Labour were in power the dissidents opposing their policies sprouted out the secrets and vice versa for the Tories. You can bet the papers are 90% right in their forecasts.

On the other hand sometimes governments do their own sprouting and hope that releasing the bad news before the budget hope to soften the blow.
I agree on the fuel cigs and alcohol bit. I also think there are going to be huge cuts in tax credits for higher earners, or even a phasing out of Tax Credits to be replaced with something else. Child benefit to be means tested.

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The budget

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