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Reform Manifesto For The Uk General Election 2024

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Gromit | 21:57 Mon 17th Jun 2024 | News
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Here are the key points…

▪️Reject the WEF agenda
▪️Cancel WHO membership
▪️Reject cashless agenda
▪️Laws to stop woke ideology
▪️Free speech bill
▪️Stop cancel culture
▪️SCRAP Net Zero
▪️Fast-track nuclear energy
▪️Support farmers
▪️SCRAP bans on fossil fuel cars
▪️Tax system to support marriage
▪️Opposed to CBDCs
▪️Scrap the TV licence fee.
▪️Big tax cuts - Raise the income tax threshold to £20,000
▪️Stop the boats
▪️Cutting the foreign aid budget by 50%
▪️Clear NHS waiting list in two years and pledges an extra £17bn pounds a year for the health service.

What do you think?  



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Credit to Togo for the synopsis.

Sounds great doesn't it?!? Is there a catch???

A couple of question marks, but otherwise more or less on the mark.  I'd like to see the possibility of exiting the ECHR in there and I'd like to see something about stopping waste and duplication in the NHS. Does that make me a rabid fascist?  I'm honestly not, just reflecting what I think this country always was, should be and, hopefully will be again.

I was thinking about voting for them - now I probably shall.

Some good things there but like the Greens and the Lib non dems they can say what they like they are never going to be anywhere near having to implement.

I'm surprised and disappointed at the lack of a free golden unicorn for every household.

I'd like to add that cash must on no account disappear.  We have just drawn a raffle in aid of keeping our church building upright and we raised £350.   Jolly good, but it would have been quite a lot more if a lot of people actually had any cash in their pockets and could hand over £1.

This from the man who thinks that Donald Trump should be president. 

It will sound great to gullible and disillusioned Tories.

Both Nigel and Gorgeous George can talk a good talk.

I agree with nuclear power, support for farmers, cbdcs. i also think it is ludicrous to say you want net zero immigration and also say you want to cut taxes and reduce waiting lists. if you're serious about cutting migration then that means training up UK young people to do those jobs which means ££££. i'm fine with that but you can't do it and cut taxes. 

but of course the thing that i think most of all is that this is not a serious manifesto because reform is not a serious party. it is a vehicle for nigel farage to go on talk shows and get speaking engagements and posture as a "man of the people" who just happens to have a Couts account and eats regularly at Wiltons of Jermyn Street. without Farage it is nothing. 

reading through the manifesto the "savings" on p.23 are laughable... they just commit to £50 billion of unspecified cuts without saying what they are. it is just more Liz Truss  nonsense with the serial numbers filed off. 

anyone who votes for this has no business pretending they know or care anything about political economy lol. 

//This from the man who thinks that Donald Trump should be president.//

I think you should add "in preference to Joe Biden"?

I think most of their stated contract with the people is right on the button. In the unlikely event they form the next government we can put up with, or argue, the few things they ain't got right.


They are the only realistic option to the reasonable parties standing, (which seems to only be Binface at present).

Reform is a Ltd compay 53% owned by one man (Farage) and 80% funded by another (Tice). And by thier own admission (Farage talking yesteday) "our pledges don't have to be actually deliverable, because we don't expect to be in power". In effect, isn't this just a lesson in how wealth, self interest, and questionable promises can take over democracy?

"...they just commit to £50 billion of unspecified cuts without saying what they are."

It's no different to commiting to "Net Zero" (energy) without saying how it will be achieved. And that will cost an awful lot more than £50bn.

Trimming £50bn off government spending should be easily achievable. It just means making decisions which some people will find unpallatable. For example, and just as a start, reducing overseas aid to zero (around £15bn). Refusing to house illegal migrants in "bricks and mortar" accommodation (currently around £3bn) and stopping welfare payments to people who have simply decided that despite being able to, they won't work (£bn unknown, but quite a lot). There is enormous wasted in most public services. The number of civil servants seems to be rising exponentially and nobody can really explain what the taxpayer is getting from all these newly employed scribes. The NHS delivers increasingly poor outcomes for ever-rising funding, and if you've had any dealings with the NHS you'll understand why.

There's no reason why any political party should describe the detailled tactics they will employ to achieve their aims.

As I recall Richard Tice explained the cuts would be made by getting rid of unwanted quangos and demanding a 5% reduction from all departments without affecting service, on threat of departmental heads getting the push if they failed.

Seems fairly reasonable - as a start.

There's a lot there I like.

New judge- the £50 billion of cuts/savings in public spending are in addition to cuts in foreign aid. I'm not sure whether the 5% savings would apply to the NHS before or after the hike in NHS spending.

Goverments for as long as I remember have tried to make similar efficiency savings. I think one particular episode of Yes Minister summed it up quite well- it usually leads to an increase in consultants and civil servants to try to oversee the savings programme.

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Reform Manifesto For The Uk General Election 2024

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