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Should Farage Have A Place On The Bbc Leaders Debate?

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naomi24 | 11:28 Sat 15th Jun 2024 | News
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Having overtaken the Conservatives in the polls, and now running second to Labour, should Nigel Farage be included in the BBC Leaders' Debate?  He thinks so.





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If Lib Non Dems, greens, et al are in it then logically the reform leader should be too

The Lib Dems and Greens have been elected to the current Parliament. Reform haven't. Farage is in the same position as Screaming Lord Sutch used to be.

There is no current parliament.  Parliament is dissolved.

jno 00.21 Agree with you ..when Farages mouth is open like the entrance to a cave .Screaming Lord Sutch comes to mind.

o god jno - he's right - pas de parlement

Gullz has just told me ( my little  sunday joke!) - Farage and a seat in the debate? He should have a seat in the cabinet !

haw haw haw - that wd really screw things up

so TTT's icon wasnt Farage after all: it was screaming Lord Sutch !

It's very simple, as I have said from the start. If it's Starmer v Sunak, then no. If it's all the party leaders then yes. End of.

I don't think polls should be used as the basis for anything like this.

Perhaps next time if they actually win any seats, then yes.

Given his party's present lack of seats, he'd have a hard time convincing folk he should be in the same debate as the Labour and  Conservative leaders; but given his party's rising success in the opinion polls IMO it is only reasonable that he should be included where other party leaders also attend. After all, he is the only one pushing the public interest agendas that the main parties ignore or merely pay lip service to.

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Should Farage Have A Place On The Bbc Leaders Debate?

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