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Should Farage Have A Place On The Bbc Leaders Debate?

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naomi24 | 11:28 Sat 15th Jun 2024 | News
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Having overtaken the Conservatives in the polls, and now running second to Labour, should Nigel Farage be included in the BBC Leaders' Debate?  He thinks so.





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No, I don't think so. As much as I admire NF he's leader of a minor party, with no chance.

I think so too.

The Tories are paying the price for underestimating him.

Let's hope our impartial (!) commentators do not make the same mistake. 

Our very own Berlusconi but without the charm.

A massive self-publicist and chancer.

TTT - So are the Greens and the Lib Dems, but they have a voice.

Does he think he's going to get more seats than the Conservatives?

Question Author

TTT, but his party has pushed the Conservatives into third place in the polls.  They're no longer one of the top two.  Doesn't that warrant a place in the dicussion?


11:33 I thought the top level was Starmer v Sunak and the minor parties and deputies had their own. So if the greens and Lib non dems are in it then NF should be too. I didn't realise this was the format for the next debate.

It's just Sunak and Starmer. Farage reckons it should be Farage and Starmer. Just more noise ...

As douglas9410 says, he is just a massive self-publicist and chancer (and worse) – why the general population can see this, is a mystery to me.

No - he doesn't deserve to be in the leaders debate, because a) Reform have only beaten the Tories in one poll (not "polls") and b) the Tories and Reform are effectively neck and neck because all surveys are subject to errors, which are commonly plus or minus 3% in a typical poll.

It'd be wrong for the Leaders Debates to muddied by the results of a single poll.

If Reform went onto gain more seats than the Tories at the General Election (unlikely), then there would be a strong argument in favour of them being considered the Opposition.

Hymie - You remind me of the late Michael Foot.

Whenever he was asked a question in a interview,  he would always preface his response with a short humourless laugh, indicating his standard attitude to anyone who didn't think as he did - That's one of the stupidest questions I have ever heard, so sit back and I will give you the benefit og my planet-sized intellect, which you clearly need to stop you seeing things in a stupid way, which is any way except my way.

Such Olympic levels of condescension made Mr Foot an unpleasant man, and a useless party leader.

You shouldn't confuse a view different from yours as automatically being inferior, thus by default making you automatically superior.

It doesn't work, and it makes you resemble the late Mr Foot, who spent his latter years ridiculed and parodied, as his sneering superiority richly deserved. 

Telling people they are stupid for not thinking as you do has never served to convince anyone that you are right, or pleasant enough to bother giving a response to.

Something to think about. 

As I said above I thought it should just be Starmer v Sunak. The rest are irrelevant but if they are indeed having a leaders debate then Farage is a party leader. If Lib Non Dems, greens, et al are in it then logically the reform leader should be too.

They aren't really "debates" it's just politicos pandering to the media - welcome to the 21st century 🙄

Labour would definitely say that he should.  Someone chipping away at the Tory base can only be good for them.

If he wants to be on the 26 June event then he is being the same narcissistic manbaby as usual. that programme is called the "prime ministerial debate" and is intended for the candidates who have a chance of being prime minister after the election. those candidates are Starmer and Sunak... nobody else. 

There were four other polls conducted during the same period as the YouGov poll.

Those polls had the Tories ahead of Reform by one to six percentage points.

Some folk on here deride polls as being unrepresentative when the results don't support their particular viewpoint.

Now, when one poll out of five supports their viewpoint, that poll suddenly becomes accurate and relevant.

Why is only one poll out of five accurate and the other four wrong?

Im not sure why the Labour lot on here are not heartily applauding Farage.Having two Tories fighting for one seat will surely split the overall Tory vote in that seat.Labour and Lib-Dems will be laughing.

The legacy media and the incumbant traditional factions do not want the general public talking about, or indeed hearing about, what we want to discuss or address. They want to steer the agenda and what they consider the main debating points to be. Reform is breaking their stranglehold and the more that the general public hear from Reform the more they are abandoning the uniparty,jobs for the boys, stitch up. You bet they will do their best to stifle the voices and views of those who are able to see through the curtain of lies that they have woven for decades. Reform is required.    

I don't think Sunak can watch this. 


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Should Farage Have A Place On The Bbc Leaders Debate?

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