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Would The Uk Have Been Better Off If It Had...

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sandyRoe | 18:10 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | News
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...reached some sort of accommodation with the Nazis?

We might have held on to our empire while the Nazis and the reds engaged in a struggle that would have weakened them both.



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How can we possibly know the answer?

Hypothesising about seismic events in history is a pub conversion for about three minutes, before it collapses under the weight of its own impossibility. 

Question Author

There is a Reform candidate who believes that we would have.

No, as TGM says you cannot negotiate with a Lion when your head is in its mouth. Early on Hitler did hope that Britain would join him in world domination but that was never going to hold. We were never going to accept the NAZI doctrines of genocide etc. Though many did want to joint them lead by Edward VIII.

sandyRoe,  Could you please try to remember that questions on serious topics should be posted in more serious sections of AB.  Chatterbank  is solely for natter and nonsense.  I'll ask the spare editor to move this.

I was reading about this guy a minute ago.

He sound "odd" and doesn't think that women are pulling their weight financially.

It doesn't make the concept any more viable just because a potential politician wants to stir up some publicity with it.

As a music fanatic, I avoid hurting my head by pondering what would have happened if Waylon Jennings had won the coin toss that day, and he had perished in that plane crash.

Or if John Lennon.had gone round to the back door of the Dakota building that night ...

It goes on and on, and we should all have better things to do.

Which Reform candidate is that, sandyRoe, and what did he/she say?

Thank you, wolf.

Gribbin's a moron. Neutrality is no defence against an aggressor.

If you sleep with dogs you rise with fleas.

The Nazis were the epitome of Evil. They crossed the line in human depravity and had to be destroyed.


Switzerland seemed to do ok with it, but it ain't about potential gains, it's about being on the side of right.

Switzerland would have been plucked, it was in the plans after conquest of UK and Russia. It suited Hitler to leave Switzerland neutral for the time being.

Turn a different corner........

The suggestion is that Hitler would have left us alone. He wouldn't have.   
If we had let him take the Soviet Union and the rest of mainland Europe he would have had a huge power base to finish us off.

sandyRoe, please don't post this kind of thread in ChatterBank. 

Exactly as Gromit says.  It's a total non starter.

There are a fair few people who disagree with me and not all Reform candidates, but then we know why this thread was really started dont we.

Sorry, but this ISN'T News, Editor.  Why shouldn't it be posted to Chatterbank?

Didnt Belgiun,Holland and Luxemburg also declare neutrality before WW2,it didnt do them any good.

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Would The Uk Have Been Better Off If It Had...

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