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Farage, Not A Man You Could Trust?

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sandyRoe | 19:45 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | News
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He made an informal pact with the Traditional Unionist Voice party but now is endorsing members of the DUP.

If a politician isn't as good as his word, what is he good for?



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Most politicians should be treated with caution, but Farage seems more consistent in his support of the nation than most. Tends to say most of the right things too.

Unionists are unionists, there will be times when pragmatic reasons dictate one link should be stressed and other times when another should.

Yep, a thoroughly unreliable man to do do business with.  
You connot go into an electorial pact one day and totally do the opposite the next day. Makes you look like an opportunist and bad player, who cannot be trusted.  
He wants second place, but will probably end up in second last place behind that other idiot, Galloway.

If you read the article you will see Farage entered into no such pact.  He has been the leader one week and can support whoever he choses.

Farage isnt obliged to honour agreements his predecessor made, as Starmer isnt obliged to honour agreements Corbyn made, or Sunak agreements Truss made.  Ludicrous argument, and a non-story.  

Farage doesn’t understand the first thing about Northern Ireland, the Good Friday Agreement and Brexit – it’s time all ABers realise that this man is a complete idiot and stopped paying him any attention.


We are not talking about pledges over many years or months, this Reform/TUV pact was designed for this general elaction.

// The Reform UK–TUV alliance is an electoral pact for the 2024 United Kingdom general election in Northern Ireland between the right-wing, Reform UK party and the British unionist and national conservative, Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV). The parties agreed to stand mutually agreed candidates in 14 constituencies in Northern Ireland //

And the next day after Farage gets a backbone and stands, it is all thrown out of the window.   
Shoddy and amateurish politics. Shallow, opportunist, dim and desperate grasp for any measly morsal.  
I hope it doesn't work because it is dishonest and grubby.

If he's for the nation why did he try to worm his way into Trumps mob?    He's obviously realised Trump won't give him anything so he's come backto annoy the UK

has anyone figured out how farage is connected to clacton yet? surely the man of the people would not just pitch his tent in any old place because he thought he had a chance of winning would he? that's exactly what the two main parties do and he's forever telling us how different he is.

Johnk 06.53  Spot on!

Farage calls for £50bn  worth of spending cuts and when asked has absolutely no idea which public services are supposed to be cut. 

anybody who falls for this man has only themselves to blame. he is a conman who is out for himself. "man of the people" my left nut! 

I think Nigel is about as trustworthy as any other of our current politicians.

that's exactly the point lol

He is doing well, just look at the slurs being flung from the Trots, commies and liberals(TINO's)

Keep going Nigel, drain the swamp.

Untitled, who will you vote for?  

Question Author


Isn't that a private matter between Untitled and the ballot box?

If untitled thinks so, no doubt he'll tell me, sandyRoe.  My post was to him - not you.

i have yet to make up my mind naomi. i always look into the candidates who are standing in my and the two i like best are the green one and the libdem one. the green person runs an excellent charity that does good work here and the libdem one is a local who i think would be a much better advocate for the causes i care about than the front-runner. 

sandyRoe Consider yourself... severely reprimanded...

Thanks untitled.

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Farage, Not A Man You Could Trust?

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