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The Lovely Lefty Palestine Supporters Strike Again

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webbo3 | 17:50 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | News
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This is what the nazis did to Jewish shops in 1938.  Interesting who these 'protestors' are emulating.
21:03 Mon 10th Jun 2024

All these violent lefties whether its Palestine or climate change belong to the same anti capitalist,  socialist group. That is their ultimate goal.

Could be the work of agent provocateurs trying to blacken the good name of people who care about the on-going

butchery in Gaza.

It sounds like  Rent a Mob are busy.

If someone believes in a cause I can understand their action (maybe not agree with them).

But the majority of people who involve themselves in such action just for the fun or financial gain are the lowest of the low.

^And then again it probably isn't. 

^That to sandyRoe.

Barclays is a mega bucks worldwide company. Vandalising one (or more) UK branch offices is futile in whatever it is they think they might achieve.

If Palestine Action admits responsibility presumably they're ok with being taken into custody and serving a few years in gaol.

This is what the nazis did to Jewish shops in 1938.  Interesting who these 'protestors' are emulating.

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good point ^

Yes, good point, webbo.

I hope that the powers that be are wondering why we are having this ill-feeling and nastiness inflicted on us in our country because of a conflict we did not start and can do little to affect. Even Lit. Festivals are being attacked.

Sadly, I don't think they are self-flagellating over lack of control of allowing these ideas to flourish.

When I lived in London many years ago, I lived next  door to a pleasant woman who never seemed to go to work.  I think she had independent means, trust fund or something.  Anyway, she once explained to me that she loved to protest.  Protest against just about anything, anybody, any cause .  She would trot off with banners and loud hailer to join whatever was going on.  Isn't that sad.

I imagine most of these student type protesters would be unemployable now. Can you imagine any company employing any of them when the slightest thing or wrong opinion would cause them to be off work with anxiety or some other pretend mental health problem. Wouldn't touch em with a barge pole.


They should be hunted down and sent to Jail, see how brave they are with Mr Big in the shower.

Enough is enough.

Villains, every one of them.

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Pretty much every answer is worthy of the best answer, thank you all.

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The Lovely Lefty Palestine Supporters Strike Again

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