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What Worries You Most Should Labour Win The General Election?

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dave50 | 14:43 Thu 23rd May 2024 | News
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As far as I'm concerned it's the lunatic dash for net zero which no doubt they will be embracing but will be a disaster for industry and the country as a whole. Why they think we have to lead the way I have no idea.



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I'm worried that gulliver1 will have nothing to moan about & may stop contributing to AB!🤣

This is all a scam and a con. Climate change has and always will occur.

There's a lot of people making a lot of money out of a lot of well meaning fools.

I'm a tax paying pensioner...So Higher direct taxes, but  I also will be angry seeing those who didn't make provision for later life ( an in many cases those who have never worked)being topped up to a level way above what is needed to get by.    Raised benefits that disincentivise those who might be persuaded to work. And overtures to the EU.... 

They'll be so overwhelmed by the task of cleaning the Augean Stables left by 14 years of the Tories in office that they'll be slow to make our water potable and deal with the chronic lack of affordable housing.

Remember social housing is the remit of local Authorities most of the Urban ones at least are Labour or lib dem....  And have been for some time

That it will take them more than one parliamentary term to undo the destruction the Tories have wrecked on the UK over the last 14 years.

One thing ? No, not possible.

Control and monitoring of the citizens. Excessive restrictions on us. Increased invasion of our nation by illegals. Cosying up to the EU to cement the BRINO aim. Abandonment of NI. Even more excess taxation. Compulsory wokeness everwhere. Destruction of western values. That'd do for starters.

Re momentum. Corbyn was nominated as a candidate for the Labour leadership as a bit of a joke.

It backfired spectacularly, but that chapter is over. There hasn't been a peep out of any leftie nutters since the electorate gave a resounding thumbs down to their project.

They'll hopefully form their own party. 

It took more than one term to undo the destruction and chaos after 13 years of a Labour government.   In answer to the question, much higher everything taxable, even more immigration.

Why not  just vote for lib and *** lab and the cons

I am worried That davebro3.  Will have the men in white coats knocking on his door.🤣

it's bad now, labour will just compound it as they always do. more pandering to woke snowflakes, women equality will just get worse ie misogyny pandering to trans, and all the child abuse scandals will get buried in the name of social cohesion, abusers will have a party and carry on, as for illegals, embrace diversity or your racist..

What worries me is the Gulliver might want to return to the UK if Labour are in charge.

What Worries You Most Should Labour Win The General Election?

^^ To which may I add, "The least impressive front bench in history" ?


Thisoldbird, you're not Hilda Baker are you? Come in, you're not protruding! ☺

The madness that is 'woke' will rule and illegal immigration will be stopped in one fell swoop with the aid of a welcome message to the world in the form of a pile of newly printed forms and a rubber stamp.   Be careful what you wish for.  Disaster looms large.

Hymie 19.35 I see excuses are already being prepared for any Labour failure.  

Haven't they promised that on day one they will rescind the Rwanda flights, change labour laws to give union the right to strike at a drop of a hat. I thought that listening to Rayner spouting it would all be done on day one and for the rest of their term we could all sit back and enjoy the fruits of their success.

Mozz 22.26 "What worries me is that if I return  to the UK Mozz will be at the airport .Holding a Placard saying welcome home. Britain is now in safe hands.  after 14 years of being in the hands of the most Corrupt Govt in history.

"return to the UK..." 🤣🤣

You're fooling no one me old china, how's your mums attic room? How are the posters of Boris?

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What Worries You Most Should Labour Win The General Election?

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